Euro Top Mattresses for Luxury Comfort | Mississauga

Euro Top Mattresses for Luxury Comfort | Mississauga

What is a Euro Top Mattress?

Introduce euro top mattresses, define what they are and provide key details.

A. Main Features and Construction of a Euro Top Mattress

  • Extra layer of padding on top for plush comfort
  • Covered in luxurious fabric like sumptuous damask, silky knits, or finely quilted materials
  • Padding layer sits above support core of coils or foams
  • Creates a "pillow top" feel

B. Pros of a Euro Top Mattress

  • Softer, plusher feel
  • More pressure relief, comfort
  • Luxurious, hotel-like experience
  • Great for side sleepers

C. Cons of a Euro Top Mattress

  • Can be too plush/soft for some
  • More expensive than regular mattresses
  • Top layer may sink/compress over time

Euro Top vs Pillow Top: Key Differences

A. What is a Pillow Top Mattress?

  • Extra layer of padding quilted into mattress cover
  • Sits above the comfort layers
  • Known for plush comfort

Pillow Top Mattresses at Mattress To Door | Serta

B. Pros and Cons of Pillow Top Mattress



- Extra-plush comfort

- Loses shape/support quicker

- Great for side sleepers

- Quality can vary more

- Luxurious padded feel

- Higher price point

C. How to Choose: Euro Top vs Pillow Top

Euro top mattresses may be preferable for:

  • Those that want that lavish, hotel-style comfort
  • People who want a lasting indulgent feel (don't sink as easily)

People who want the extra plush feel of a pillow top, but with an inner support core that keeps its shape better over time may want to try a euro top.

Choosing the Best Euro Top Mattress

Covers how to select the ideal euro top mattress based on sleep needs and preferences.

A. Ideal Firmness and Feel

Euro top mattresses typically range between medium-plush to ultra-plush. Consider your ideal balance of cushioning comfort and support:

  • Ultra-plush for maximum softness - great for petite side/combo sleepers
  • Plush for cradling comfort and pressure relief
  • Medium-plush blends comfort and support - good for average-sized side sleepers or back sleepers who like some extra padding

Browse firmness levels!

B. Sleeping Position

Euro top mattresses are an exceptional choice for side sleepers. The plush padding cushions shoulders and hips.

For back and stomach sleepers, consider mattress firmness so padding doesn't dip the spine.

C. Key Mattress Materials

Well-made euro top mattresses feature quality, durable materials, like:

  • Memory foam
  • Pocket coils
  • Latex foam
  • High density support foam

D. Durability and Support

Measure euro top mattress durability based on:

  • Density foam/coils (higher = more durable)
  • Mattress height (thicker = longer lasting)
  • Edge support system (reinforced edges prevent sagging)
  • Materials (natural latex, steel coils are durable)

Well-constructed euro top mattresses include quality, high density base foam, pocket coils, or latex that provide lasting comfort and keep their shape exceptionally well.

E. Pricing Considerations

Expect a small cost premium on most euro top mattresses vs basic models. However, the luxury look and feel is worth it for many! Consider the long-term value.

Our direct-to-consumer savings also make premium euro top mattresses more affordable than ever.

Introducing Some of Our Top-Rated Euro Top Mattresses

Overview key euro top models available from our stores - tailored to different firmness preferences and sleeper types.

A. Plush Euro Top Mattresses

For those who love sinking comfort:


B. Medium-Plush Euro Top Mattresses

The best of both worlds - comfort and support:



C. Firm Euro Top Mattresses

For those who need extra support:



Caring For Your Euro Top Mattress

Covers key tips to prolong the life and preserve the comfort of your euro top mattress.

A. Breaking in Your New Mattress

  • Allow 2-4 weeks for your body to adjust to a new bed
  • Use a mattress protector to shield the delicate euro top
  • Rotate your mattress regularly at first (every 2-3 months)

B. Ongoing Mattress Care Tips

  • Use a mattress protector and fitted sheet
  • Wash bedding regularly to reduce dust mites
  • Spot clean stains right away
  • Rotate and flip a one-sided euro top mattress every 6 months

Protect your investment with regular care - a quality euro top mattress can last over a decade!

Euro Top Mattress FAQs

Covers common euro top buyer questions:

Can you flip a euro top mattress?

Most euro top mattresses today are "no flip" one-sided models. Flipping could damage the precisely-engineered comfort layers. Do rotate it regularly.

Do they sag over time?

Quality euro top mattresses are built to retain their shape very well thanks to durable support layers. Some padding compression is normal but significant sagging points to low quality foams or an improper mattress fit.

How thick is the euro top layer?

Euro top padding depth ranges widely from 1-4+ inches thick depending on mattress. Measure full mattress height rather than just the pillow top.

Mattress Lifespan?

Top-quality, well-constructed euro top mattresses can last over a decade. See mattress longevity factors. Replace when comfort fades.

Good for side sleepers?

Yes! A euro top mattress cushions pressure points exceptionally well for side sleeping. Ensure mattress firmness suits your body type.

Experience Pristine Comfort with a Mattress To Door Euro Top Mattress

In closing, summarize key reasons to choose one of our exceptional euro top mattresses for blissful nights:

  • Softer, yet still supportive feel
  • Our euro top mattresses retain their shape exceptionally well
  • Ideal for side sleepers or those wanting hotel-worthy luxury
  • Quality materials and precision Canadian craftsmanship
  • Direct-to-consumer savings

Visit a Mattress To Door showroom to experience euro top perfection first-hand! Our sleep experts can match you with your perfect model. Achieve nights of exquisite comfort and support for years to come.

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