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Sheep Retreat MIAB 10"

Sheep Retreat MIAB 10"

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Experience the epitome of convenience with the all-new 10” Serta® Sheep Retreat™ mattress. Quality comfort now arrives at your front door in our smallest carton ever, making it easier than ever to transform your sleep experience.

We've harnessed the power of cooling Serta® Gel Memory Foam, expertly combined with our resilient Serta® Foam Core, to create a sleep surface that offers not just comfort, but a refreshing coolness and unwavering support throughout the night. Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to dreamland.

But that's not all – our 10” Serta® Sheep Retreat™ mattress takes your sleep to the next level. With the addition of Serta® Transitional Support Foam, you'll find yourself indulging in that coveted sleep-til-noon experience you've always yearned for.

The best part? Unpacking, unrolling, and unwinding have never been simpler. Elevate your sleep game effortlessly with the 10” Serta® Sheep Retreat™ mattress – where comfort meets convenience, and dreams come to life.
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