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Perfect Sleeper Goya

Perfect Sleeper Goya

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The Goya Firm Super Pillow Top mattress, part of the Serta Masterpiece collection, is designed to deliver an exceptional sleep experience. It boasts a luxurious blend of comfort and support layers, including:

Comfort Luxe® Gel Fibre: Enjoy a plush surface that cradles you in comfort, ensuring a restful night's sleep.

Pillo-Fill Fibre: This fiber layer adds to the overall softness and comfort of the mattress, enhancing your sleep quality.

Serta® PillowSoft™ Foam (Two Layers): Sink into the gentle cushioning of Serta's PillowSoft™ Foam, providing a soft and supportive feel.

Serta® PureSupport® Gel Foam: This foam layer is engineered to deliver essential support and maintain proper spinal alignment, promoting a comfortable sleep posture.

Two Layers of Serta® PureComfort® Gel Foam: Experience enhanced comfort with the double layer of PureComfort® Gel Foam, offering pressure relief and relaxation.

Innerpanel: An additional layer designed to contribute to the overall support and durability of the mattress.

Serta® Talalay ECO Latex Foam: This latex foam layer adds a touch of eco-friendly comfort, providing a responsive and supportive surface.

Individually Wrapped Coils Support System with BestEdge® Foam Support: Enjoy personalized support with individually wrapped coils and reinforced edge support, ensuring a consistent sleeping surface and minimizing motion transfer.

The Goya Firm Super Pillow Top mattress is a testament to comfort and quality, promising you nights of restful sleep and rejuvenation.
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