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Smooth Top Cloud

  • Smooth Top Cloud - Elena: Elevate your sleep experience with the Elena mattress, a luxurious and meticulously designed mattress that combines personalized comfort with innovative features.
  • 1,102 Queen-Sized Pocket Coils with Tri-Zone Support: The Elena mattress is equipped with 1,102 Queen-sized pocket coils featuring Tri-Zone support. This advanced technology provides personalized comfort by offering tailored support to different areas of your body, ensuring a restful sleep.
  • 4" Hard Foam Edge Guard for Edge-to-Edge Firmness: Enjoy edge-to-edge firmness with the 4-inch Hard Foam Edge Guard. This feature ensures that the entire sleep surface is supportive, allowing you to maximize your sleeping space without compromising on firmness.
  • Luxury with 3-cm Latex and 3-cm Gel Layered Tight Top: Experience opulence with the 3-cm latex and 3-cm gel layered tight top. This combination of materials offers a luxurious feel, adapting to your body's contours for a comfortable and supportive sleep surface.
  • 3-Inch Medium-Soft Foam Layer: Delight in a 3-inch medium-soft foam layer that adds an extra level of plushness to the Elena mattress. This layer contributes to the overall comfort, ensuring that you sink into a soft and supportive embrace each night.
  • Bamboo Woven Fabric for Hygiene: The Elena mattress features bamboo woven fabric, promoting hygiene and breathability. This natural and eco-friendly material enhances airflow, contributing to a clean and comfortable sleep environment.
  • White-Edged Design with Side Handles and Luxury Dark Grey Padded Top: Admire the aesthetics of the white-edged design with side handles and a luxury dark grey padded top. These design elements not only add to the visual appeal but also offer practicality with side handles for easy maneuvering.
  • 13-Inch Height for a Plush Feel with Tight Top Finish: Revel in the plush feel of the Elena mattress, standing at 13 inches in height. This substantial thickness contributes to the overall comfort, creating a sleep surface that invites relaxation. The tight top finish adds a touch of sophistication to the design.

In summary, the Smooth Top Cloud - Elena mattress is a blend of personalized comfort and meticulous design. With its Queen-sized pocket coils, Tri-Zone support, Hard Foam Edge Guard, latex and gel layered tight top, medium-soft foam layer, bamboo woven fabric, white-edged design, and a 13-inch height with a tight top finish, this mattress offers a plush and luxurious sleep experience. Elevate your sleep with Elena's soft comfort and enjoy the attention to detail in its design.

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