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Alice - Extra Firm Mattress

Alice - Extra Firm Mattress

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  • Hard Rock - Extra Firm Mattress: Meet Alice, the Hard Rock Extra Firm Mattress designed for those who prefer an exceptionally firm sleeping surface. With a unique construction that excludes springs and coils, this mattress is tailored for those seeking maximum support and rigidity.
  • No Spring, No Coil: Alice sets itself apart with its springless and coil-free design, focusing on delivering a mattress that prioritizes firmness and stability. The absence of springs ensures a consistent and unyielding support structure.
  • Pure High-Density Foam: Crafted from pure high-density foam, Alice guarantees a level of firmness that rivals the hardness of the floor. This choice of material ensures that the mattress maintains its structure, providing unyielding support throughout its lifespan.
  • Thick as Hard as Floor: With a thickness of 7-8 inches, Alice is engineered to be as robust as the floor itself. This feature is ideal for those who appreciate an extremely firm sleeping surface, reminiscent of the solid support of the ground.
  • High-Density Foam That Will Never Sink: The high-density foam used in Alice is specifically chosen for its resilience. This mattress promises never to sink, maintaining its firmness and support over time, ensuring a consistent and reliable sleep surface.
  • Available Firmness: Extra Firm: Alice comes in the category of Extra Firm mattresses, making it the perfect choice for those who prioritize an unyielding surface that provides substantial support, especially for the back.
  • Ideal Choice for Exceptional Support: If you are in search of exceptional support and an extra firm mattress, Alice is tailored to meet your needs. Whether purchased in-store or online, Alice offers the firmness required for optimal back support, ensuring a restful and supportive sleep experience.
  • 7-8 Inches Thickness: The mattress boasts a thickness of 7-8 inches, striking a balance between substantial support and comfort. This thickness is meticulously chosen to provide the necessary durability and support while catering to your comfort preferences.
  • Fabric Colour Changes as per Availability: Please note that the fabric color of Alice may vary based on availability, allowing for a touch of customization based on what is currently offered.

In summary, Alice, the Hard Rock Extra Firm Mattress, is a standout choice for those seeking an exceptionally firm and supportive sleeping surface. With its springless design, pure high-density foam construction, and a thickness as robust as the floor, Alice ensures durability and unyielding support. Whether you prefer to purchase in-store or online, this mattress is designed to deliver the firmness required for optimal back support, ensuring a comfortable and steadfast sleep experience.

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