Mattress in a Box

What is a Mattress in a Box?

A mattress in a box, also known as a bed-in-a-box, refers to a type of mattress that is compressed, vacuum sealed, rolled up, and shipped inside a box for easy delivery and setup. This innovative mattress delivery method has gained immense popularity in recent years.

At Mattress To Door, we offer high-quality mattresses in a box that provide exceptional comfort and support for sleep. Our made-in-Canada mattresses are thoughtfully designed and affordably priced. Mattress To Door is based in Canada with stores in Mississauga, Hamilton, London and Brampton. We sell different types of mattresses, beddings, beds and bed frames to help you sleep better.

How Does a Mattress in a Box Work?

A mattress in a box is specially engineered to be easily compressed and rolled into a compact box for shipping. Here's a quick rundown of how it works:

  • The mattress layers are compressed using heavy roll packing machinery to reduce its size. This compression process squeezes the mattress to about one-quarter of its original thickness.
  • Next, the compressed mattress is vacuum sealed in plastic wrapping to contain it and keep it from expanding during shipping. This vacuum sealing process removes excess air trapped inside the mattress.
  • The vacuum sealed compressed mattress is then placed inside a sturdy cardboard box for delivery. The box protects the mattress in transit and makes it easier to handle.
  • Once the box arrives and you unbox it, simply cut open the plastic sealing and the mattress starts expanding slowly. Remove all packaging and unroll the mattress on your bed frame.
  • It can take a few hours to a couple of days for the mattress to fully expand and take shape depending on the foam density and time compressed. High density foams used in Mattress To Door mattresses recover more quickly, being sleep-ready within hours!
  • The mattress decompresses to its original thickness as the compressed foams are allowed to expand naturally. Give it time to fully decompress for optimal comfort and performance.

This convenient compression technology allows the bulky mattress to be packed into a manageable box size for direct shipping to your home.

Types of Mattresses in a Box

There are several types of mattresses that can be compressed and shipped in a box:

Memory Foam Mattress in a Box

Mattress in a Box Product Dream Classic Mattress

Memory foam is the most common mattress material used in bed-in-a-box models. Our Dream Classic (MTDM02) mattress features contouring memory foam that molds to the body's natural curves and alleviates pressure points. The memory foam layer provides excellent motion isolation so you don't feel your partner's movements at night.

Latex Mattress in a Box

Mattress in a Box Product Aegan Mattress

Latex foam made from the sap of rubber trees offers resilience and cooling. Latex quickly regains its shape after compression, making it ideal for shipping in a box. Check out our Aegan (MTDM02) mattress for a buoyant latex feel that relieves pressure while sleeping cool. The aerated latex layer allows enhanced airflow so you don't sleep hot.

Hybrid Mattress in a Box

Mattress in a Box Product Etnies Mattress

Combining the pressure relief of foam comfort layers with the support and bounce of pocketed coil cores, hybrids bring you the best of both worlds. Our premium Etnies (MTDM02) hybrid mattress provides exceptional comfort with its thick foam layers and durable coil support system. The individually wrapped coils contour to your body while reinforcing the edges.

Organic Mattress in a Box

Mattress in a Box Product  Sheep Retreat Mattress

Eco-conscious shoppers can choose organic mattresses like our Sheep Retreat (MTDM02SR) made with natural materials like wool, cotton, and latex. Organic mattresses use renewable and sustainably sourced materials for an non-toxic sleep environment. The organic cotton cover offers a luxuriously soft feel.

Mattress To Door offers all these different mattress types compressed in a box for easy delivery to your home. Browse our mattress collection to find your ideal mattress in a box.

Benefits of a Mattress in a Box

Choosing a mattress in a box offers many advantages compared to traditional store-bought mattresses:

  • Convenient shipping - The compressed and rolled mattress fits snugly into a manageable box size for easy transport and handling. No need to coordinate bulky mattress delivery or furniture movers. The box can fit in small spaces, be easily moved, and is light enough to carry up stairs.
  • Effortless setup - Unboxing a mattress in a box is a breeze. No special tools or professional help needed. Just unbox it in the bedroom, remove packaging, unroll, and watch it expand on its own. Much simpler than wresting with maneuvering a full-sized mattress through doorways and halls.
  • Lower prices - Online direct-to-consumer brands like Mattress To Door cut out middlemen markups allowing for more competitive pricing compared to traditional store brands. Our quality mattresses start at just $249 for a twin size.
  • Generous sleep trials - Buying a mattress online gives you the advantage of trying before fully committing. Make the most of risk-free home trials offered. Mattress To Door lets you try out any mattress for 120 nights. If you don't love it, get a full refund.
  • Free shipping - No delivery costs! Mattress To Door mattresses are shipped free directly to your home in vacuum-sealed boxes for simple hassle-free setup.
  • Great for small spaces - The compressed box size makes maneuvering the mattress easy even in tight spaces, corners, or up staircases. Easily swap mattresses in kids' rooms or mobile homes.
  • Eco-friendly - Compressed mattress packaging reduces the carbon footprint of shipping compared to bulky traditional mattresses. The box and plastic wrapping are also recyclable.

A mattress in a box combines convenience, affordability and ease of use for a simplified mattress buying experience.

How to Choose the Right Mattress in a Box

With so many mattresses in a box flooding the market, choosing the best one for your needs is vital.

Here are some tips for picking the perfect bed-in-a-box mattress:

  • Consider your sleep position - Your preferred sleep position determines areas needing cushioning or support. Side sleepers need pressure relief at shoulders and hips while back sleepers need lumbar support. Stomach sleepers require a firmer mattress that won't dip. Our Sleep Experts can guide you to the right mattress based on your sleep style.
  • Analyze your firmness preference - Do you like a soft, medium or firm feel? This comes down to personal choice and body type. Heavier individuals may prefer a firmer mattress while lighter people find soft mattresses more comfortable. We offer different firmness options to suit your comfort needs. You can also use a mattress topper to customize firmness.
  • Compare materials and quality - Never compromise on quality for price. Our mattresses use CertiPUR-US certified foams that are low VOC and free from harmful chemicals. We also use hypoallergenic and breathable fabrics for a healthy sleep environment. Reading customer reviews can further help assess real-world mattress performance and durability.
  • Don't underestimate sleep trials - Buying a mattress online gives you the advantage of trying before fully committing. Make the most of generous risk-free home trials offered by mattress in a box brands. Test the mattress for comfort and support. Reach out if anything falls short of expectations during the trial period.
  • Understand policies - Before purchasing, be aware of the retailer's fine-print for delivery, returns, refunds and warranty terms. Mattress To Door makes returns and refunds hassle-free if you're unsatisfied during the 120-night home trial. Our mattresses also come with a 15 year warranty.
  • Read reviews - Real customer reviews help make informed decisions about a mattress. Mattress To Door mattresses are highly rated online with an average 4.8/5 star rating for their comfort, quality and service. Unbiased reviews reinforce if a mattress delivers on its claims or falls short on expectations.

By researching and understanding your preferences, you're sure to find your ideal mattress in a box that ticks all the boxes for blissful nights. The team of Sleep Experts at Mattress To Door is always happy to guide you in choosing the perfect model for your budget and needs. Visit any of our store locations or call (647)-530-9100 for advice.

Unboxing and Setting Up Your Mattress

Once your mattress in a box arrives at your doorstep, here are some tips for unboxing and setup:

  • Carefully cut open the protective plastic wrapping using scissors, being cautious not to damage the mattress inside.
  • Roll the compressed mattress on to the bed frame or foundation where you want it set up. Ensure the bed frame has adequate support for a foam or hybrid mattress.
  • A mattress topper, mattress protector and sheets placed beforehand will make setup easier.
  • Start unrolling the mattress gently. It will start expanding slowly as you unroll it.
  • Allow sufficient time for the mattress to fully recover its original shape after unboxing. This can take 2-3 hours for Mattress To Door
  • Lay the mattress so the logo side is facing upwards. The mattress cover may take a day or two to regain its smooth flat appearance after being tightly rolled.
  • You may feel the mattress is slightly firmer at first. The foams fully break-in and soften after a few nights of use.
  • Your mattress in a box is ready for a great night's sleep! Enjoy the convenience of quick and easy mattress setup.

Watching your compressed mattress inflate to full size once unboxed is an oddly satisfying experience. And just like that, you can refresh your bedroom with a brand new high-quality mattress designed for blissful slumber.

Caring for Your Mattress in a Box

Here are some tips to help your boxed mattress last longer:

  • Use a mattress protector to prevent spills, stains and damage to the mattress layers. We recommend our breathable waterproof Mattress To Door mattress protector.
  • Rotate the mattress periodically, every 3-6 months, to promote even wear and extend lifespan. Foam mattresses can be rotated top to bottom while hybrid mattresses should be rotated head to foot.
  • Vacuum the mattress gently every 2-3 months using an upholstery attachment to remove dust and allergens. Avoid excessive vacuum pressure on memory foam which can damage cells.
  • Spot clean stains on the cover immediately using a mild detergent and damp cloth. Do not remove the cover to machine wash.
  • Avoid folding, bending or jumping on the mattress. The foams are fragile and can tear when folded.
  • Use a stable and sturdy bed frame with center support and slats not more than 3 inches apart. This provides even weight distribution.
  • Do not expose your mattress to moisture or liquids which can break down foams. Promptly dry damp spots.

With some basic care, your mattress should provide comfortable nights for years. Contact our sleep experts if you need guidance on mattress care and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common queries about mattresses in a box:

How much does a mattress in a box cost?

A mattress in a box can range in price from budget options under $300 to luxury models over $1000. In general, they are priced much lower than store brand mattresses. At Mattress To Door, our prices start at $249 for a twin size and go up to $999 for a premium queen mattress. The price depends on size, materials, layers, and overall quality. During sales events and holidays, boxed mattresses can be snagged at even lower prices.

How long do mattresses in a box last?

With proper care and maintenance, you can expect a quality mattress in a box like our to last 6-8 years comfortably. Higher density foams and robust materials contribute to increased mattress longevity of up to 10 years. Rotating the mattress and using a protector prevent impressions. Avoid jumping, folding or exposing the mattress to moisture. The mattress warranty period can also give an idea of expected lifespan.

Can you return a mattress in a box?

One of the best things about buying a mattress in a box online is the risk-free home trial period. Most brands like Mattress To Door allow you to try out the mattress for up to 120 nights and return it for a full refund if unsatisfied. They arrange for pick-up of the mattress from your home if you decide to return during the trial. Make sure to check the retailer's return policy before purchasing the mattress.

Do mattresses in a box require special bed frames?

Most foam and hybrid mattresses in a box work well on platforms beds, slat beds, box springs and adjustable bases providing they are in good condition. Ensure the foundation is sturdy without sagging and completely supports all edges of the mattress. Also check that slats are no more than 3 inches apart for a mattress in a box.

How long does it take to expand?

On average expect your Mattress To Door mattress to fully expand within 2-3 hours after unboxing though some high density models may take up to 48 hours. Unroll it on the bed frame instantly rather than waiting in the box for quicker expansion. The mattress will be sleep-ready once expanded but may feel slightly firmer at first before relaxing over a few days.

Don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly experts at Mattress To Door at (647)-530-9100 or visit any of our showrooms in Mississauga, Hamilton, London or Brampton for guidance on choosing the ideal mattress in a box for your best sleep. Investing in a quality mattress is investing in your rest and health. We will help find the perfect match for your preferences and budget.


We hope this detailed guide gives you clarity on what is a mattress in a box and how to choose the best one for restful shut-eye. Our wide selection of thoughtfully crafted mattresses offers something for every type of sleeper. With free shipping, generous risk-free trials and exceptional service, you can confidently invest in your sleep comfort at Mattress To Door. Contact our Sleep Experts or visit a store to experience the mattress in a box difference today!

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