Experience the Comfort of Bamboo Mattress

Experience the Comfort of Bamboo Mattress

Opening paragraph mentioning our mattress collection. Bamboo mattresses provide natural comfort and support. We'll explore what makes them special, compare to other options, and guide you in choosing the best bamboo mattress for your needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Bamboo mattress covers wick moisture and regulates temperature to remain cool and dry
  • Underneath, materials like latex, memory foam, or pocket coils provide contouring support
  • Choose bamboo mattress firmness, type, and features aligned to your sleep position
  • Protect it with a fitted mattress protector and rotate it regularly
  • Mattress To Door bamboo mattresses come with perks like 90-day trial


Bamboo might seem like an unexpected material for quality mattresses. But bamboo fabric offers breathable softness while the mattress structure provides contouring support. The result? A cooler, drier sleep environment that cradles your body through the night.

A. Overview of Bamboo Mattresses

A bamboo mattress contains foam, latex, or coils supporting one or more layers of bamboo-derived cover fabric. Bamboo imparts soothing softness and wicks away heat and moisture. Underneath, materials like gel memory foam or pocketed mini coils provide cushioned support conforming to your shape.

Benefits of bamboo mattresses include: 

- Breathable, moisture wicking cover

- Naturally cooling and temperature regulating  

- Antibacterial protection resists odor & allergens 

- Contouring support relieves pressure points

- Eco-friendly and sustainably sourced materials

Today's top bamboo mattresses combine these natural benefits with innovative comfort technologies like copper gel infusion or zoned pocket coils. This fusion creates the ultimate sleep environment.

Several types exist, but most contain foam or springs supporting breathable bamboo layers:

  • Hybrid - pocket coils + foam/latex + bamboo cover
  • Latex - latex layers + bamboo cover
  • Foam - memory or poly foam + bamboo cover
  • Innerspring - bonded coils + bamboo cover

B. Our Bamboo Mattress Collection

Mattress To Door offers three exceptional bamboo mattresses built for cool, contoured comfort:

The Aegan features copper-infused gel memory foam conforming to your shape while pulling heat away. A bamboo cover adds softness and breathability.

The Spring Free employs hundreds of fabric encased coils in zones matched to body regions, cushioning shoulders more than hips. Super-stretchy bamboo fabric allows contouring movement.

The plush Pearl mattress combines high density support foam with a luxuriously thick quilted bamboo cover for cloud-like softness.

What Makes Bamboo Mattresses Unique

What Makes Bamboo Mattresses Unique

From its inherently moisture wicking properties to sustainable harvesting methods, bamboo makes an exceptional - and unique - mattress cover material.

A. Bamboo Fabric Has Natural Benefits

As a fast-growing grass, bamboo offers sustainable benefits. Its use in mattress fabrics also imparts desirable properties:

- Temperature regulating - Bamboo absorbs moisture and releases heat, cooling hot sleepers. Open-cell structures circulate air through the material.

- Moisture wicking - The grass releases moisture rapidly, keeping skin dry. This prevents stickiness and allows bodily heat to dissipate.

- Hypoallergenic - With little lignin and wax, bamboo resists dust mites and mold growth. The smooth fibers prevent buildup of irritants.

- Eco-friendly - Made from a highly renewable resource that enriches soil as it grows quickly without pesticides.

B. Types of Bamboo Used in Mattresses

Not all bamboo is equally green. Understanding differences helps select the best option:

- Rayon derived from bamboo - Cellulose pulp from the grass gets extruded as continuous strands. Polyester or other blends may be added. This process uses solvents but makes durable, affordable fabric.

- Organic bamboo lyocell fiber - Produced similarly but uses non-toxic processing with closed-loop water systems, resulting in exceptionally soft and sustainable material.

- Charcoal infused bamboo - Activated charcoal bonding to fabric provides antimicrobial and moisture wicking benefits. Eco-certified options available.

Some key benefits of bamboo mattress covers: 

- Breathable and moisture wicking 

- Naturally temperature regulating  

- Available as eco-certified organic fabric 

- Antibacterial properties to resist odor

C. Comparison to Other Mattress Materials

How does bamboo fabric compare to traditional mattress cover materials like cotton, wool, polyester, and latex?

- More breathable than cotton - Bamboo's moisture wicking circulates air better than cotton.

- More moisture wicking than latex - Latex resists dust mites but doesn't release moisture as rapidly.

- More eco-friendly than polyester - Petroleum-based polyester requires energy to produce; bamboo grows quickly without chemicals.

- Retains less heat than wool - Although wool has natural fire resistance, bamboo runs cooler.

For temperature regulation, dryness, and sustainability, bamboo mattress covers outperform most options. Paired with contouring foam or pocket coils, this makes an exceptional sleep surface.

Check out our wide selection of mattresses for your comfort needs.

Choosing the Best Bamboo Mattress

Choosing the Best Bamboo Mattress

With natural softness and support, bamboo mattresses have broad appeal. But subtle differences in construction make certain bamboo mattresses better suited to different needs. Consider these factors when selecting yours:

A. Comfort and Firmness Preference

Do you want cushiony plushness you can sink into? Or supportive firmness to keep your spine aligned? Bamboo mattresses span the spectrum from soft to extra firm. The amount and materials in transitional and base layers impact overall feel. Memory foam and euro pillow toppers offer plush comfort; dense polyfoams and zoned pocket coils provide firmer lift.

B. Sleeping Position

Your dominant sleeping position guides ideal firmness and zones of support. Side sleepers need shoulder cushoning to prevent pressure points. Stomach sleepers require reinforced midsections preventing sagging. Combination sleepers need responsive surfaces for changing positions. And those with injuries benefit from targeted relief.

C. Mattress Type

With foam, springs, or both, bamboo mattresses come in all major construction types. Beyond firmness, the mattress technology itself can augment or reduce certain properties:

- Hybrid - pocket coils offer bounce and edge support while providing better contouring and pressure relief than classic innersprings. Foam and latex layers enhance comfort.

- Latex - natural rubber foam cradles the body without excessive sinking for cushioned support. Zoned latex mods firmness by area.

- Foam - polyurethane or memory foam conforms closely, isolating motion between sleep partners. Gel and copper infusions pull away heat.

- Innerspring - traditional coil mattresses remain bouncy, breathable options, now with bamboo's moisture wicking touch. For the eco-conscious shopper, recycled steel springs reduce environmental impact.

D. Special Features

Cover fabrics infused with copper, gel, or charcoal augment bamboo's inherent performance:

  • Gel infusion - heat-conducting gel beads or swirled into foam pull away warmth
  • Zoned support - firmer foams or coils in midsection, softer in shoulder zone
  • Plush pillow top - extra bamboo stuffed into a quilted top layer makes a sumptuous surface

E. Our Top Bamboo Mattress Picks

Pulling together the ideal blend of key features, our top three mattress picks offer exceptional comfort:

  1. Aegan - Cooling copper gel memory foam
  2. Spring Free - Zoned pocket coil support
  3. Pearl - Plush bamboo pillow top feel

The Aegan stands out with breathable bamboo cover over innovative copper gel infused memory foam conforming closely while whisking away warmth.

Those seeking buoyant support with strategic pressure relief choose the Spring Free. Hundreds of fabric encased coils deliver contouring alignment with firmer lift in the midsection and gentler cradling at the shoulders.

For those craving sink-in softness, the Pearl mattress crowns high density base foam with a bamboo cover quilted to a sumptuous loft.

Caring for Your Bamboo Mattress

Caring for Your Bamboo Mattress

So you've selected the ideal bamboo mattress providing natural airflow with contouring support. How do you keep it fresh and well-structured for years of restful sleep? Follow these simple care recommendations:

A. Use a Mattress Protector

As the first defense against spills, stains, and everyday wear, mattress protectors preserve a bamboo mattress's pristine surface and hygienic interior. Choose breathable styles like Tencel-blend or stretch-knit options allowing airflow. Fitted protectors secure fully underneath without impeding comfort. When accidents strike, easily removable, washable mattress protectors prevent permanent damage. Replace them every 2-3 years as the materials degrade.

B. Rotate Regularly

While some bamboo mattresses are reversible, most feature distinct top and bottom sides. Rotating these one-sided mattresses every three months helps evenly distribute compression from consistent pressure points like shoulders and hips. Simple steps for proper rotation:

  1. Move mattress off bed frame entirely
  2. Flip mattress top to bottom lengthwise
  3. Rotate mattress 180 degrees
  4. Return mattress to frame with fresh surface up

After rotating, allow 24 hours for foams to fully decompress before adding bedding layers back.

C. Spot Clean When Needed

Despite protectors, occasional spills or stains might strike a bamboo mattress cover. Pull away bedding layers to access the cover surface. Gently dab - don't rub - spill with clean folded towel to absorb moisture. Mix mild laundry detergent with cool water and dip clean cloth into solution. Tamp stained area gently, rinse with cool damp cloth, then air dry fully. Don't saturate quilted covers. For stubborn set-in stains, consult a mattress cleaning pro for deeper treatments.

D. Consider Yearly Deep Cleaning

While protectors prevent most skin cells, sweat, and oils from contacting your bamboo mattress layers, some gradually accumulate internally over months of sleep. Annual deep cleaning fully refreshes a bamboo mattress. Mattress cleaning services employ specialized methods like blowing purified air or low-moisture foam through layers to detach and capture contaminants without excess moisture. Hands-on "dry cleaning" removes lingering irritants and allergens to promote healthful sleep.

E. Watch for Signs To Replace

With quality materials and regular care, bamboo mattresses typically last over 7 years - longer than traditional mattresses. But changes like sagging, lumpiness, reduced support, visible wear, or persistent odors indicate replacement time approaching. Our 90 day trial ensures you select the right bed; after years of safeguarding restful sleep, rely on us again for the perfect replacement bamboo mattress.

Sleep Experience with Mattress To Door

When purchasing a bamboo mattress to elevate your sleep experience, rest easy with Mattress To Door. As Canada's trusted destination for exceptional mattresses of all designs, our sleep experience includes premium perks from delivery to refunds:

A. 90 Night Risk-Free Trial

Shop confidently knowing you can experience your new bamboo mattress within the comfort of your home during a 90 night trial. Between Day 21 and 90, initiate a return for free pickup and refund if the mattress doesn't meet your support needs.

B. Free Shipping

Mattress To Door provides convenient contactless delivery right to your door at no charge within Canada for any bamboo mattress purchase. Plus, we take away the burden of an existing bed upon request, donating to furniture banks to reduce waste supporting community efforts.

C. 10 Year Warranty

Durable construction and premium materials enable us to protect every bamboo mattress with an industry-leading 10 year limited warranty. We stand behind our mattresses with a strong commitment to defect-free quality and lasting performance.

D. Canadian Made Quality

Proudly manufactured by skilled artisans and sourced from Canadian suppliers, Mattress To Door bamboo mattresses meet rigorously benchmarked standards for premium sleep products, considered among the highest globally.

E. Exceptional Customer Service

If any questions arise regarding mattress selection, care recommendations, or sleep experience concerns, our dedicated customer care team provides personalized guidance every step of the way - from first browsing to years beyond delivery. Let us support your restful, healthy sleep journey.


Q: How is heat dissipation with a bamboo mattress?

A: Exceptional. Bamboo absorbs and releases body moisture and heat more effectively than cotton, wool, or polyester mattress covers to keep you cooler. Copper, gel, and charcoal infused options further dissipate warmth.

Q: What type of sleeper do bamboo mattresses suit best?

A: Bamboo mattresses work for all sleeping positions. Choose medium firmness for combination sleepers. Side sleepers select softer versions with zoned shoulders. Firmer models best support stomach and back sleepers.

Q: Do I need special sheets for my bamboo mattress?

A: Not necessarily. While bamboo sheets complement the bed naturally, cotton, lyocell, and modal sheets also work well. Choose fitted sheets with flexibility and breathability.


Bamboo mattress  merge the cooling comfort of natural bamboo fabric with innovative support technologies like pocket coils or copper gel-infused foam. Temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking, and hypoallergenic attributes create a healthy sleep environment tailored to your comfort preferences. Mattress To Door proudly offers three exceptional bamboo mattresses handcrafted by skilled Canadian artisans to the highest standards. Take advantage of our 90-night trial to experience one in your own bedroom. Sleep deeply knowing we support your rest with purposeful design, premium materials, transparent pricing, and experiences crafted for you.

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