5 Things to Consider When Buying a Mattress Online

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Mattress Online

Purchasing a new mattress is an important investment in your sleep health and comfort. With so many options for mattress types, brands, materials, and features available today, it can be overwhelming to know where to start when mattress shopping online. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the key factors to consider when looking for the perfect mattress for your needs and budget. Proper research and understanding your own preferences can help narrow down the choices and make the buying process easier.

Determine Your Sleep Style and Preferences


I. Determine Your Sleep Style and Preferences

Your sleep position and preferences play a major role in choosing the right mattress. Taking time to evaluate your individual needs and sleeping habits will make finding the perfect mattress much easier.

Sleep Position

The way you sleep impacts the firmness level and mattress type best suited for you:

  • Side sleepers need enough cushioning for shoulders and hips, usually medium soft to medium mattresses.

  • Back sleepers require proper spinal alignment, typically from medium to firm mattresses.

  • Stomach sleepers need enough support to keep the midsection afloat, ideal for medium-firm to firm mattresses.

  • Combination sleepers should balance comfort and support with medium to medium-firm.

Mattress Type Preferences

Beyond firmness, personal preference also factors into mattress type:

  • Memory foam mattresses contour closely and isolate motion well.

  • Latex mattresses provide buoyant, responsive support.

  • Innerspring mattresses have a bounce and traditional mattress feel.

  • Hybrid mattresses combine coils and foam for a balanced feel.

Health Conditions

Existing pain points like back pain or conditions like arthritis can also influence ideal mattress firmness and support. Don't compromise on comfort.

Taking the time to evaluate your sleep style, preferences, and health needs will make comparing mattress specifications much easier as you shop. Focus on characteristics that provide the best fit.


II. Compare Mattress Materials and Construction

The materials inside a mattress affect its feel, support, and durability. Do research to understand specifications and make apples-to-apples comparisons between models.

Mattress Layers

Most mattresses contain a support core topped with comfort layers:

  • Support core - forms mattress foundation with durability and shape retention
  • Comfort layers - provide cushioning, responsiveness and pressure relief

Innerspring and hybrids also include a coil system above the support core.

Foam Materials

Look for specifics on foams used in the mattress layers:

  • Memory foam - contouring, pressure relief, motion isolation
  • Polyfoam - varied support and density for different feels
  • Latex - buoyant support, responsiveness, durability

See what type of foams are used and densities - higher density foams tend to outlast lower densities.

Coil Systems

For innerspring and hybrid mattresses, review coil specifics:

  • Coil gauge - lower is thicker wire, more support
  • Coil count - more coils typically add support and durability
  • Coil types - continuous coils, individually pocketed, etc.
  • Coil layering - placement impacts feel and support

More coils and thicker gauge often equate to better support and longevity.


Look for certifications like CertiPUR-US® or OEKO-TEX® which validate foams are made without harmful chemicals.

Understanding what goes inside your mattress allows for better evaluation of quality, value, and durability.

Choose the Right Mattress Size


III. Choose the Right Mattress Size

Selecting the proper mattress size ensures you have adequate sleeping space and the right mattress fit. Consider these key factors when deciding:

Room Size

Measure your bedroom to determine what mattress sizes can realistically fit:

  • Twin/Twin XL - best for kids rooms, tight spaces
  • Full/Double - fits most bedrooms, tight for couples
  • Queen - ideal for couples, smaller master bedrooms
  • King - spacious for couples, larger bedrooms
  • California King - longest mattress, good for tall people

Occupants and Needs

The number of people sleeping on the mattress and their needs also impacts ideal size:

  • Single sleepers can size down for more room space
  • Couples benefit from Queen or larger
  • Individuals over 6 feet tall often prefer Twin XL, California King
  • Consider children now and maturity for kids mattresses

Having adequate mattress width prevents couples from rolling together and lets each partner have personal space to spread out. Height is also a factor for leg room and mattress longevity.

Measure Twice

Don't assume old mattress size or bed frame size. Always measure available space before finalizing mattress size. Length and width should fit with a few inches to spare.

Choosing the right mattress size makes all the difference for comfort, support and optimal use of your space. Take time to evaluate your unique needs.

Read Reviews and Understand Trial Periods


IV. Read Reviews and Understand Trial Periods

Before deciding on a particular mattress brand or model, it pays to learn from other customers' experiences. Reading impartial reviews also provides insight into policies like sleep trials and warranties.

Customer Reviews

Seek out reviews in multiple places to identify trends:

  • Retailer website reviews - understand common feedback
  • Third-party review sites - often more impartial perspectives
  • Expert review sites - provide in-depth, standardized testing
  • Social media - comments from real customers are transparent

Look beyond star ratings and read detailed reviews for insights on comfort, support, quality, durability, and customer service for that mattress.

Brand Reputation

Research the brand's reputation and history online:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • What do customers say about their service and transparency?
  • Do they specialize in certain types of mattresses?

Established brands with a focus on customer satisfaction often fare better.

Trial Periods and Warranties

Review trial periods, return policies, and warranties:

  • Trial periods from 90-365 days allow you to test at home
  • Return policies - inspect for fees and logistics
  • Non-prorated warranties of 10+ years provide more coverage

Liberal trials, free returns, and strong warranties signify a quality purchase.

Thorough research protects against disappointments and helps you buy confidently.

Set Your Budget and Watch for Sales


V. Set Your Budget and Watch for Sales

For any major purchase, deciding on a mattress budget beforehand allows you to focus your search effectively. Being flexible with sales and promotions can also lead to big savings.

Determine Price Range

Consider what you can reasonably afford to invest in a quality mattress. Prices can range widely.

Higher prices often reflect better materials, durability, and performance.

Compare Models

Use online comparison tools to contrast similar models across brands in your target budget. Sort by:

  • Price low to high
  • Star ratings and reviews
  • Trial periods and warranty duration

Comparing apples-to-apples makes it easier to identify the best value.

Look for Savings

Sign up for brand newsletters and look for promotions like:

  • Sales around major holidays
  • Special financing offers
  • Bundled deals with bedding
  • First-responder and military discounts

Finding ways to save makes budgeting easier. Do your homework.

Key Takeaways When Buying a Mattress Online:

  • Take time to evaluate your sleep style, preferred mattress type, and any health conditions to determine the best mattress firmness, comfort, and support for your needs. Don't compromise on a good night's sleep.

  • Compare mattress materials like types of foam and coil systems to understand quality and durability. Look for specifics like density rating and certifications.

  • Carefully measure your bedroom space and existing bed frame to choose the right mattress size. Consider current and future sleep partners. Allow a few inches of clearance all around.

  • Read customer reviews on the retailer's website as well as third-party review sites to identify real experiences with that mattress model and brand reputation.

  • Review trial period duration, return policy details, and warranty coverage before finalizing a mattress purchase. Make sure you can test the mattress properly at home.

  • Set a mattress budget based on materials, benefits, and value. Compare prices across top brands. Watch for sales, promos, and bundled deals around holidays.

  • Schedule delivery and allow the new mattress to fully expand before use. Use a protector and a suitable foundation. Adjust your sleep position during the trial.

  • Remain open-minded on mattress brands and types until you have firsthand experience. Focus on your own comfort, support, and sleep quality when testing mattresses at home.

  • Finding your optimal mattress online is very achievable with the right research and realistic expectations. Following this buying guide sets you up for success.

  • For more personalized guidance and recommendations specific to your needs, please reach out. We're happy to help you choose the perfect new mattress for the best night's sleep!
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