How Many Pillows Should You Sleep With

How Many Pillows Should You Sleep With?


A. The importance of sleep and finding the right pillow setup for your needs

Getting enough quality sleep is vital for good health and well-being. One important factor in achieving restful, rejuvenating sleep is setting up your pillows properly for your individual needs. The number of pillows you use can significantly impact your comfort and support as you sleep. That's why it's so important to figure out the optimal number of pillows you should be sleeping with to create the ideal sleep environment tailored specifically for you.

B. Overview of factors to consider when choosing number of pillows

Determining how many pillows you should sleep with depends on several key considerations such as your regular sleep position, body type and shape, mattress firmness, and personal preferences. Taking the time to think through these factors will help guide you in choosing the right quantity and arrangement of pillows for your best sleep. In this article discussing how many pillows you should sleep with, we'll explore these factors more in-depth.


Determining Your Ideal Number of Pillows

Determining Your Ideal Number of Pillows

A. Sleep position and alignment

Your sleep position is a major determinant of how many pillows you need to maintain proper spinal alignment.

1. Side sleepers usually need more pillows for neck support

Side sleeping requires enough loft under the head to keep the spine straight. Insufficient lift creates strain on the neck and upper back. Using two or more pillows helps fill the larger gap side sleepers have between their shoulder and mattress.

2. Back sleepers need less pillows to avoid neck strain

Back sleepers have a smaller space to fill between their head and mattress since their weight is more evenly distributed. Having too much height under the head can arch the neck up awkwardly. Most back sleepers do well with just one appropriately supportive pillow.

3. Stomach sleepers need just one thin pillow or no pillow

Stomach sleeping flattens the curve of the neck since the head faces down towards the mattress. Using more than one slim pillow risks over-arching the neck, which can lead to pain. Optimal alignment usually comes from one thin pillow or no pillow at all.

B. Body type and shape

Your body size, shape, and proportions impact the amount of lift you need from pillows.

1. Petite sleepers need fewer pillows to avoid sinking in

Petite frames and narrow shoulders don't require much loft to achieve proper head and neck alignment. Using too many pillows could make them sink in uncomfortably. Just one or two thinner pillows does the trick.

2. Taller or broad sleepers may need more pillows for support

Those on the taller side with broader shoulders have a larger space to fill between their shoulder and mattress. Multiple pillows helps provide sufficient lift and cushioning.

C. Personal preference

Beyond physical factors, personal preference influences ideal pillow numbers.

1. Some like multiple pillows for enhanced comfort

Certain people simply prefer the cozy feeling of sleeping with a pile of plush pillows surrounding them. It creates a comforting nest-like environment.

2. Others find too many pillows disruptive

Those who tend to toss and turn more at night may choose to limit pillow numbers to avoid constantly rearranging and smooshing them.

D. Pillow purpose

1. Decorative pillows for aesthetic appeal

Decorative throw pillows are meant to accessorize the bed's look versus provide ergonomic sleep support. Limit these to avoid clutter.

2. Support pillows for sleep ergonomics

Some pillows directly contribute to sleep health by keeping the head, neck and spine aligned. Side sleepers may use separate pillows for the head, neck and between knees.

E. Mattress firmness and pillow compatibility

1. A softer mattress works with more pillows

On a soft mattress, you sink in more deeply. Using multiple pillows helps lift your head to keep it level with the rest of your body.

2. Firmer mattress requires fewer pillows

Firmer mattresses don't allow as much sinkage, so your head is already elevated higher. You likely need fewer pillows to achieve ideal alignment.

Sleeping with One Pillow

Sleeping with One Pillow

A. Pros of using just one pillow

1. Allows for proper spinal alignment

With just one ergonomic pillow, it's easier to maintain your head, neck and spine in a neutral position.

2. Prevents strain on neck and shoulders

Using multiple pillows can create excessive lift and awkward angles that strain the neck and upper back. One good pillow minimizes this risk.

3. Promotes minimalist, clutter-free bed

Limiting your pillow usage creates a smoother, cleaner, more streamlined overall bed aesthetic.

B. Best candidates for single pillow use

1. Back sleepers

Back sleepers need just enough lift to support the neck's natural curve. One pillow usually does the trick.

2. Stomach sleepers

Most stomach sleepers require minimal loft from their pillow to avoid arching the neck. They're often best with one slim pillow.

3. People with firmer mattresses

If your mattress is firm, you'll get more built-in lift and likely only need a single pillow.

C. Choosing the right single pillow

If you use one pillow, make sure to select the optimal design based on:

1. Material and firmness for sleep position

Look for the right density and material, like memory foam or latex, to suit your sleep position.

2. Size suits individual body type

Your pillow size should fit your frame and adequately support your neck without over-lifting.

Sleeping with Multiple Pillows

Sleeping with Multiple Pillows

A. Pros of using more than one pillow

There are some solid benefits to using multiple pillows on your bed:

1. Allows side sleepers to adjust height for neck support

Side sleepers can stack both a thicker and thinner pillow to create the perfect loft for optimal neck alignment.

2. Provides extra cushioning for pressure points

Adding pillows allows you to support sensitive areas like the knees, ankles, or lumbar area for enhanced comfort.

3. Enables pillow alternation for cleanliness

Rotating multiple pillows extends the time between washes for better hygiene.

B. Tips for multiple pillow use

Here are some useful tips for successfully using more than one pillow:

1. Layer pillows from firm at bottom to soft at top

Place firmer, more supportive pillows low in your stack and topped with plusher pillows for cozy comfort.

2. Position support pillows first, then add comfort pillows

First arrange ergonomic pillows for proper head/neck support, then add extra cushy pillows for enhanced comfort.

3. Use pillows of different material for variety

Mixing material like latex, memory foam and down alternative creates more options for finding the right feel.

4. Arrange proportionately to body type and mattress

Make sure your pillow tower suits your frame and mattress. For example, avoid very high stacks if you have a softer mattress.

C. How many pillows are too many?

At what point are you going overboard on pillow numbers? Consider these potential signs:

1. Avoid excessive height causing neck strain

If your pillow pile is so high that your neck hyperextends, pare it down to prevent discomfort.

2. Don't overfill bed, as too many disrupts sleep

An out-of-control pillow collection can disrupt sleep and partner harmony.

3. Try starting with two or three and adjust from there

For most people, two to four pillows provide plenty of support and coziness. But feel free to tweak as needed.

Pillow Recommendations

We suggest these pillow options from Mattress to Door for optimal comfort and support:

A. Mattress to Door Jumbo Pillow Pack (2 pack) - $30

Jumbo Pillow Pack of 2 - MTDB01

1. Premium soft Egyptian cotton cover

The smooth cotton cover provides breathability.

2. Generously filled for plush comfort

Microfiber fill creates cloud-like softness and shape retention.

3. Allergy-friendly and durable construction

The hypoallergenic fill makes this pillow ideal for allergy sufferers and sensitive sleepers.

B. Mattress to Door Premium Swiss Memory Pillow - $89

Premium Swiss memory Pillow - MTDB01

1. Advanced memory gel technology

This innovative pillow has a molded gel side for cooling comfort and memory foam for coziness.

2. Temperature regulation and airflow

The special polymer fill actively cools while the memory foam warms.

3. Memory foam for exceptional support

The memory foam adapts to your head, neck and shoulders for customized comfort.

Beyond Just the Pillows

While pillows play a key role, also consider:

A. Maintain proper sleep posture and spinal alignment

Keep your spine straight and avoid twisting or contorting your body during sleep.

B. Consider mattress firmness and body support needs

Make sure your mattress adequately supports your frame and complements your pillow loft.

C. Use breathable, comfortable bedding materials

Choose moisture-wicking sheets and blankets to create a cooling sleep environment.

D. Keep bedroom environment conducive to quality sleep

Optimize conditions like temperature, noise level, light control and clutter for better sleep.


A. Recap of key considerations for ideal pillow number

Factors like sleep position, mattress firmness, body type and personal preferences all determine your perfect pillow count.

B. Emphasis on choosing what's right for your sleep needs

At the end of the day, let your specific requirements and comfort guide your pillow numbers.

C. Invitation to explore Mattress to Door's pillow options

Check out Mattress to Door's selection of supportive, comfortable pillows to build your ideal stack.

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