A queen mattress highlighted, providing a clear perspective on what is the size of a queen mattress for interested buyers.

What is the Size of a Queen Mattress

"I'm shopping for a new mattress and want something with good space for me and my partner. What are the dimensions of a queen size mattress?"

This is a common question for mattress buyers, especially couples, looking for that ideal balance of sleeping room vs floor space. In this article we'll cover everything you need to know about queen mattress dimensions including comparisons to other sizes and tips for choosing the right fit. Let's start with the key specs that define this popular mattress size.

Queen Mattress Dimensions: 60 by 80 Inches

So what is the size of a queen mattress in numbers? A standard queen size mattress measures:

  • 60 inches wide
  • 80 inches long

That equals 152 cm wide by 203 cm long for those more familiar with metric units.

With an area of around 480 square inches (or 3100 square cm), the queen offers ample width for couples while still fitting well in most bedrooms.

Below is a quick reference queen size mattress dimensions chart in imperial and metric units:


Imperial (Inches)

Metric (Centimeters)


60 in

152 cm


80 in

203 cm

So in summary - 60 by 80 inches is the standard North American queen mattress size that provides a great balance of space versus overall footprint.

How Queen Mattresses Compare to Other Sizes

Comparative sizes of mattresses illustrated, answering the question of what is the size of a queen mattress in relation to others.

To better understand the specifics of a queen bed, it helps to see how it measures up against other common mattress sizes.

Here is a handy comparison chart of different mattress dimensions:



Best For


39'' x 75''

Single sleepers


54'' x 75''

Single sleepers


60'' x 80''

Couples or single sleepers


76'' x 80''

Couples with extra room

California King

72'' x 84''

Tall couples

Key Takeaways:

  • A queen mattress is 6 inches wider and 5 inches longer than a double/full size mattress. This added space makes it suitable for most couples.
  • Queens are also 16 inches narrower than a king mattress and 5 inches shorter than a California king size bed.

So a queen size offers a good middle ground - enough width at 60 inches for couples while still easily fitting into bedrooms without dominating the entire room.

Mattress To Door's Queen Size Collection

Mattress To Door has a stellar range of queen size mattresses to suit every type of sleeper and price point.

Here is a sampling of some of our most popular models:

A variety of mattress models on display, showcasing options for those questioning what is the size of a queen mattress.

  • Classic model - This budget-friendly option gives you support and durability at just $278 for a queen. A great choice for guest rooms or kids' bedrooms.

Luxurious mattresses presented, helping customers determine what is the size of a queen mattress for their home.

  • EuroTop mattress - With its deluxe quilted cover and plush upper foam layer, the EuroTop pampers you with pressure relief. An unbelievable value at only $399 for a queen.

Selection of premium mattresses offered, aiding in understanding what is the size of a queen mattress for optimal comfort.

  • Luxury Cooling - Our premium queen mattress combines gel-infused memory foam, pocket coils, and advanced airflow materials to keep you cool and comfortable. Only $599 for a queen.

Mattress To Door Difference

All our mattresses offer exceptional quality, comfort and support. Benefits you get from us include:

✔️ Canadian-made, cutting out middleman markups

✔️ Transparent and consistent pricing - no games, gimmicks or pressure selling

✔️ 90-night in-home trial and 15-year warranty on most mattresses

Our queen mattress selection has options for all needs and budgets.

Choosing the Right Size Mattress

While a queen size bed works great for many shoppers, it's still important to weigh a few factors to select your optimal mattress size:

Sleeping Partners

Do you share your bed with a partner, kids or pets? For couples, a queen or king size mattress allows you to sleep comfortably without bumping elbows or feeling cramped. And the wider surface area makes it easier to get in and out of bed without disturbing your partner.

Room Size

Make sure to measure your available floor space before shopping. While a queen bed is compact enough for even medium-sized bedrooms, a king size mattress may overwhelm or not even physically fit into smaller sleeping quarters.

Height & Space Needs

Taller individuals and active sleepers should consider the merits of a California king mattress and its 4 extra inches of length over standard kings and queens. More mattress real estate allows freedom to stretch out.

Sleep Style

Your preferred sleep position also affects what size bed works best. For example, side sleepers gravitate towards plusher wider mattresses that support head, neck and shoulder alignment - making a queen size mattress a great fit.

Unsure what size is right for your needs? Our sleep experts are here to help. Visit any Mattress To Door location or contact us online and we'll guide you to your ideal mattress based on sleeping style, body type and space requirements.

Caring For Your Queen Mattress

To keep your queen bed in peak condition for years:

  • Use a mattress protector to guard against spills, stains and other damage. Our mattress protectors are specially designed for queen size beds.
  • Rotate head-to-toe every 2-3 months to evenly distribute wear and add years of life. Easy with another person but solo sleepers can also manage.
  • Queen platform bed or matching foundation provides proper center support for a queen mattress rather than sagging without enough underneath support.

By caring for your mattress properly, you'll enjoy consistent comfort and support year after year. Our blog has more guidance on mattress maintenance best practices.

Queen Mattress FAQs

We get lots of questions from mattresses shoppers around queen mattress sizes, selection and more. Here we answer some of the most frequently asked:

Q: Is a queen mattress bigger than a double mattress?

Yes, a queen size bed offers more generous dimensions all around than a double bed. Specifically, a queen mattress is 6 inches wider and 5 inches longer than a standard double/full size mattress.

Q: What size sheets fit a queen size mattress?

Since queen mattresses themselves measure 60 x 80 inches, you'll want queen sheets sized at those same dimensions to properly fit. Queen sheets help create a smooth uniform surface free of bunching or stretching issues caused by mismatched sheet sizes.

Q: How thick is a standard queen size mattress?

There is no set thickness for queen size mattresses. Depending on materials and number of layers, thickness ranges widely from as little as 6 inches to as much as 18 inches for premium models. The ideal thickness comes down to your firmness preferences and support requirements. As a general guideline, most sleepers find between 10-16 inches provides the right balance of comfort and support.

Q: Would a queen or king size mattress be better for couples?

For most couples, a queen size mattress offers the ideal width at 60 inches to sleep comfortably together, along with good flexibility for positioning in bedrooms of average size. But couples wanting extra personal space plus added room for kids or pets may prefer to splurge on a king mattress. Evaluate your space and sleep style to decide which couples' mattress works best.

Have more questions around queen mattress sizes or want personalized guidance? Reach out to one of our sleep experts anytime online or at our stores across the nation.

The Bottom Line

We hope this detailed look clarifies queen size mattress dimensions and how a queen compares against other mattresses. To recap:

  • A queen size mattress measures 60 inches (152 cm) wide and 80 inches (203 cm) long.
  • Queens offer couples a nice balance of personal space and room to share.
  • From budget to luxury models, Mattress To Door has a queen mattress perfect for your needs.

Still have questions or want to explore our queen collection? Contact us or visit a location. Our mattress experts help guide you to your ideal model. Sleep better tonight with Mattress To Door!

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