first bed is a standard twin size, while the second is a twin XL size comfortably accommodating a taller adult

What Is the Difference Between a Twin vs Twin Xl Size Mattress?

When it comes to choosing a mattress, one of the first decisions you'll need to make is what size you need. Two popular options are the standard twin size or the slightly longer twin XL. But what exactly is the difference between a twin and twin XL mattress?

At Mattress To Door we specialize in Canadian-made mattresses and bedding accessories designed for better sleep and healthier living. Whether you're needing a mattress for your kids' rooms, a guest bedroom, or outfitting college dorms, we've got you covered. Read on as we break down the key differences between twin vs twin XL sizes and provide mattress recommendations to suit your unique needs.

Twin Size Mattress Overview

A twin mattress, also known as a single bed, is designed for single adult sleepers and kids' rooms, making it the smallest mattress and a go-to choice for guest bedrooms or smaller rooms. Measuring 38 inches wide by 75 inches long, it offers a cozy, space-saving footprint. While a great starter or spare bed, it does have some limitations.



Budget-friendly pricing

Suitable size for kids and some petite adults

Fits well in small bedrooms or for multi-bed setups



Very snug for most adults

No room to share

Kids may outgrow quickly

Mattress To Door offers lots of twin-size mattress options suitable for spare rooms, kids' bedrooms, bunk bed setups, and other uses.

Twin XL Size Mattress Overview

Slightly longer than a standard twin, the twin XL, or extra long twin, mattress is five inches longer, measuring approximately 80 inches in length, making it a popular mattress choice for taller individuals. while maintaining the same 38-inch width profile. Measuring approximately 80 inches long by 38 inches wide, the added size is better suited for taller sleepers while still fitting most dorm rooms.



Accommodates taller teens and adults

Good for college dorm rooms

More sleeping space than a twin



Typically costs more than a regular twin

Still on the narrow side

Won't work for couples sharing a bed

At Mattress To Door, we offer twin XL models like the Pembrook Twin XL Mattress, Amesbury Twin XL Mattress, and Newbury Twin XL Mattress. With options ranging from cooling memory foam to eco-friendly latex and stain-resistant protectors, our twin XL beds provide superior comfort to meet your needs.

Check out our full selection of twin XL mattresses to find the perfect fit for teen and dorm room needs while taking advantage of our 90-night risk-free trial and free shipping.

Key Differences Between Twin and Twin XL Size Mattresses

While subtle, the difference between a twin and twin XL mattress comes down to that extra 5-inches in length. Here are some key ways these two popular sizes compare:

Size Difference

The difference between the two mattress sizes is evident as the twin XL is five inches longer than the twin, measuring 80 inches in length, compared to the 75 inches of a standard twin. This added length better accommodates tall teenagers and adults while still fitting most college dorms.

Price Difference

Due to the extra materials required, a twin XL mattress typically costs $50 to $100 more than a comparable twin size model. However, the added size and comfort may be worth it if you need the extra length.

Best Uses

Twin mattresses, which are often chosen for their suitability for a smaller room, work best for young kids and spare guest rooms. The twin XL is ideal for teenagers, college dorms, and taller adults who want more leg room.

We recommend browsing Mattress To Door's selection of both twin and twin XL beds to find the right fit based on your height, room size, and budget. With free shipping and returns plus a 90-night home trial, you can order worry-free. Yes, I understand the instructions clearly. Here is the 500 word article content for Sections V and VI from the approved outline:

Other Factors To Consider When Deciding Between Twin vs Twin XL Mattresses

When weighing twin vs twin XL mattresses, there are a few additional considerations beyond just size and price to factor into your decision:

Sleeping Position

What sleep position do you prefer? Side sleepers tend to need a longer mattress to support their knees and hips, making a twin XL a better choice. Back and stomach sleepers can get by with a standard twin size.

If you change positions, opt for the extra room of the XL. Mattress To Door's wide selection allows you to filter mattresses by preferred sleep position.

Room Size

Will it fit? Measure the length and width of your room to ensure adequate space for a twin XL. While 5 inches longer than a twin, twin XL beds still work well for most dorm rooms. For very compact bedrooms, stick to a standard twin.

Bed Base

What type of bed frame or foundation will you use? Our friendly sleep experts can provide advice on compatible bases for your selected mattress. We recommend browsing adjustable bed frames for added comfort.

For kids' rooms, a twin size bunk bed or loft setup may be the way to go. Just ensure the mattress fits properly for optimal safety.

Twin vs Twin XL: Which is Better For You?

When it comes down to choosing between a twin or twin XL mattress, it depends largely on your specific needs:

When to Choose a Twin Mattress

  • You have a very small bedroom
  • Purchasing for a young child
  • Furnishing compact spaces like RVs or campers
  • Shopping on a tight budget

When to Choose a Twin XL Mattress

  • Accommodating tall teenagers or college students
  • Adults over 5' 9" needing more leg room
  • Side sleepers who change positions

Browse the full range at and leverage our 90-night home trial period to decide if a twin or twin XL mattress best suits your sleep needs. With free shipping and returns, online mattress shopping is risk-free. Yes, I understand the instructions clearly. Here is the 500 word article content for Sections VII and VIII from the approved outline:

Conclusion/Final Thoughts

When exploring twin vs twin XL mattresses, it's important to consider key factors like sleeping accommodations, room size, budget, and personal preferences to select the right option.

To recap some of the main differences:

  • Twin size = 75" long x 38" wide
  • Twin XL size = 80" long x 38" wide
  • Twin XL offers more length at a slightly higher price
  • Twin works well for kids rooms and small spaces
  • Twin XL accommodates teenagers and tall adults

At Mattress To Door, we provide all the essential details you need to decide between comparable twin and twin XL models. Take advantage of our team's expertise along with free shipping, 90-night trials and satisfaction guarantees to find your perfect fit.

Browse our twin and twin XL mattress selection now to kickstart your journey to better sleep and healthier living.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the standard twin mattress size?

The standard twin size is 38 inches wide by 75 inches long. This compact size works well for young kids and smaller bedrooms.

Is a twin XL bigger than a regular twin?

Yes, a twin XL mattress is 5 inches longer than a standard twin size bed. They maintain the same width at 38 inches.

Can you use twin XL sheets on a regular twin?

No, twin XL sheets will be too long to properly fit a standard twin mattress. Always match the appropriate sheets to your specific mattress size.

Is a twin bed bigger than a crib mattress?

Yes, at 75 inches long a twin mattress is substantially bigger than a crib mattress. Twins provide ample room as kids grow into bigger beds.

Does Mattress To Door offer twin and twin XL mattresses?

Yes! As Canada's premier online destination for top-rated mattresses and bedding, Mattress To Door carries a wide range of twin and twin XL sizes to suit your needs. Shop now.

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