A modern and elegant bedroom featuring a split queen mattress with two distinct halves, one with firm, cool-toned bedding and the other with plush, warm-toned bedding, highlighting individual comfort.

What Is a Split Queen Mattress?

At Mattress To Door Corp, Canada's leading mattress retailer, we get asked this question frequently. As mattress specialists catering to all shapes and sizes, let's break down what exactly a split queen mattress is.

Introducing the Split Queen Mattress

split queen mattress, a type of dual queen, essentially divides a traditional queen mattress into two separate halves, each 30 inches in width, that are placed side-by-side within a bed frame, accommodating different firmness levels for each sleeper.

  • Each individual half is typically 30 inches wide - the standard width of a twin XL mattress.
  • When placed together, the two halves equal the full dimensions of a regular queen mattress, which is 60 inches wide by 80 inches long.

Standard Queen

60" x 80"

Split Queen

2 x 30" x 80" mattresses

So in brief:

  • A split queen mattress = 2 separate 30-inch wide twin XL mattresses
  • The total split queen dimensions are equivalent to a standard queen at 60” W x 80” L

This flexible setup, ideal for those who tend to sleep differently, allows couples to choose the right firmness level for each side, whether they prefer a firm mattress or a plush foam mattress.

Key Benefits of a Split Queen Mattress

There are three main advantages to choosing a split queen over a regular queen mattress:

  1. Accommodate Personal Comfort Preferences

With a split queen, each sleeper gets their own separate mattress half, which means you can customize the specifics on each side:

  • Mattress firmness: Plush, medium, ultra-firm, catering to different preferences for firmness level in a single bed frame.
  • Mattress type: Memory foam, innerspring, hybrid
  • Brand: Serta, Beautyrest

This versatility makes it a great option for couples with different comfort needs.

  1. Limit Motion Transfer

Since the split mattress halves are isolated, like two different mattresses, rather than a solid continuous surface, there is less motion transfer, a feature appreciated by those who use innerspring mattresses, when your sleep partner moves or gets in and out of bed. This leads to fewer nighttime disruptions for lighter sleepers.

  1. Easier Transportation and Handling

The 30-inch wide halves of a split queen mattress tend to be lighter and more flexible than a bulky single-piece queen. This makes maneuvering the mattress up tight staircases or around corners simpler.

Looking for guidance choosing between split queen vs. standard queen mattresses? Our sleep experts can help! Book a consultation today to find your dream mattress.

How Does a Split Queen Differ From a Queen?

While split queen and regular queen mattresses share equivalent sizing by width and length when placed together, these two mattress types vary in a few notable ways:

Split Queen

Standard Queen

2 separate 30" wide mattresses

1 continuous 60" wide mattress surface

More personalized to each sleeper's preferences

One uniform surface firmness for both sleepers

Better motion isolation

More motion transfer disturbance

Easier transportation and maneuvering

Heavier and bulkier mattress to handle

The main distinction lies in the split queen’s dual mattresses providing tailored customization between sleep partners compared to the queen's single integrated mattress surface designed to universally suit two people.

Couples have unique sleeping needs, so a split queen’s flexibility proves advantageous. The separation between halves limits motion transfer as well allowing for less disruptive sleep when your partner moves. Maneuverability can benefit as well given the thinner mattress widths to transport compared to a bulky queen.

What To Consider When Buying a Split Queen Mattress

Here at Mattress To Door Corp, our sleep experts want you to make the most informed split queen mattress purchase. We recommend considering:

  1. Your Budget

As a split queen equates to purchasing two twin XL mattresses, it naturally costs more than a standard queen in most cases. Ensure this investment fits soundly within your budget - we offer quality options starting at just $199!

  1. Your Bed Frame

Measure your existing bed frame or the frame you intend to buy, whether it's for a king size or split queen, to ensure it can fit and sturdily support two 30-inch wide twin XL mattresses, which are 80 inches in length, pressed flush together.

  1. Couples’ Comfort Dynamics

Do you and your partner have similar or vastly different comfort needs? Does one move more disruptively at night requiring motion isolation? If you have harmonious preferences and movement, a queen may suit you fine saving the cost of a split.

Unsure whether to go split queen or traditional? Our sleep specialists are here to guide you. Book a free consultation and discover the ideal mattress solution!

Next, let's cover some of the key distinguishing takeaways when weighing split queen vs. queen mattress types...

Key Takeaways

Below is a high-level recap on some distinctions around split queen mattresses:

  • A split queen equates to two 30-inch wide twin XL mattresses comprising a queen size when placed side-by-side, allowing personalization for each sleeper.
  • Key benefits over a traditional queen encompass accommodating different preferences, minimizing motion transfer between sleep partners, and easier maneuverability and handling for repositioning.
  • Determining factors in choosing between split queen or standard queen include budget, your existing bed frame size, and whether couples have very different comfort needs and sleep disruptions.

Ultimately, our knowledgeable Mattress To Door Corp sleep specialists can guide you in determining which mattress type and size will provide the ideal night’s sleep tailored exactly to your needs.

We want to ensure your investment enables restful slumber for years to come. Connect with our team to start your journey!

Additional Insertion

  • Considering the pros and cons of a split queen bed, it's important to note that while it offers a unique solution for couples, it may require a specific type of split queen box spring to ensure optimal support.
  • For those wondering if a split queen is the same as two individual mattresses, it consists of two halves that together match the size of a standard queen, which is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, providing a tailored sleeping experience.
  • Choosing between a split queen and a standard queen involves weighing factors such as the size of the bed, the desired firmness level, and whether the mattress makes sense for your specific sleeping habits, such as if you tend to sleep on one side of the bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we address some commonly asked questions around split queen mattresses:

Do I need a special bed frame, like adjustable bed frames, for a split queen mattress, which is essentially two mattresses placed side by side?

Most standard queen size bed frames can accommodate a split queen mattress without issue. But double checking your frame’s weight limits and dimensions for holding two twin XL mattresses is recommended. Adjustable bases made specifically for split sizes are another option.

Can I use a split queen mattress on my existing queen bed?

As long as your current frame is sturdy in construction to support and hold two separate twin XL mattresses pressed together without gap or slippage, a split queen mattress should work fine on that base.

What size sheets fit a split queen mattress?

Since a split queen is essentially the same as two 30 inch wide twin XL mattresses, each measuring 39 inches in width and 80 inches in length, you’ll need two fitted sheets that are specifically twin XL size - minimum dimensions of 39 inches wide and 80 inches long per each half.

For personalized guidance identifying the optimal mattress solution unique to your needs and preferences, connect with our sleep experts today! We’re here to help every step of the way.

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