What is a Hybrid Mattress

What is a Hybrid Mattress?


Hybrid mattresses have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to get the benefits of different mattress materials in one model. These beds combine foam or latex comfort layers with an innerspring coil support core. The result is a mattress that provides the contouring and pressure relief of foam along with the bounce and airflow of an innerspring.

As a Canadian mattress retailer based in Mississauga, Brampton, London, Hamilton, and Scarborough, Mattress To Door sells affordable hybrid mattresses starting at just $249. All Mattress-to-Door hybrids come with free shipping and a 90-night sleep trial period. This allows customers across Canada to experience the hybrid comfort difference risk-free.

 Hybrid Mattress Construction

Hybrid Mattress Construction

How are Hybrid Mattresses Constructed?

The construction of a hybrid mattress sets it apart from other mattress types. Hybrids feature a quilted top panel over foam comfort layers that sit above an innerspring coil support core.

  • The comfort layer in a hybrid mattress is typically at least 3 inches thick. This thicker layer ensures adequate contouring and cushioning.

  • The comfort layer can be made up of various materials:

    • Memory foam - Provides close conforming and pressure relief
    • Latex - Responsive support with some contouring
    • Polyfoam - Firmer, supportive feel
    • Microcoils - Enhanced breathability

  • The support core consists of metal coils or springs. The coils are generally encased individually in fabric pockets that allow them to respond independently to pressure. This provides good support while minimizing motion transfer between coils.

In contrast, all-foam mattresses use foam in both the comfort and support layers. Traditional innerspring mattresses only have a thin padding layer over the coil system. The hybrid design allows for the personalized support of coils combined with the cushioning benefits of thick foam.

What is Inside a Hybrid Mattress?

Hybrid Mattress Composition

When you cut open a hybrid mattress, you'll see the makeup of its two main components:

Comfort Layer

This layer sits directly under the mattress cover and provides most of the initial softness and contouring. The comfort layer can be made up of:

  • Memory foam - Slow response foam that sinks to relieve pressure
  • Latex - Bouncy, responsive foam derived from rubber tree sap
  • Polyfoam - Supportive foam with a quicker response
  • Microcoils - Hundreds of tiny, springy coils

Thicker comfort layers of 3 or more inches provide more cushioning. Softer foams like memory foam will hug the body's contours closely. Firmer latex and polyfoams provide support with subtle shaping.

Support Core

Under the comfort layer lies the support core comprised of metal coils. The types of coils found in hybrid mattress support cores include:

  • Pocketed Coils - Wrapped in fabric so they move independently
  • Bonnell Coils - Hourglass shaped and connected as a unit
  • Continuous Coils - Formed from a single wire for solid support

Pocketed coils allow for targeted pressure relief while limiting motion transfer between different areas of the mattress. This helps prevent sleep disturbances.

What is the Definition of a Hybrid Mattress?

Definition of a Hybrid Mattress

A hybrid mattress is defined as a mattress that combines different technologies and materials to deliver the benefits of multiple mattress types in one model.

By incorporating various mattress components like foam, latex, micro-coils, and springs, hybrid mattresses aim to offer:

  • Comfort and pressure relief from foams
  • Bounce and breathability from springs
  • Minimal motion transfer from pocketed coils
  • The support of an innerspring core

The hybrid construction brings together the best aspects of different mattresses to create a model suited for a wide range of sleepers. This gives hybrid mattress owners a "best of both worlds" sleeping experience.

You get the cushioning comfort of thick foam layers along with the supportive responsiveness of an innerspring core. The hybrid design provides a feeling of floating on top of the mattress while still being propped up.

How Do Hybrid Mattress Compare to Memory Foam Mattress?

Hybrid Mattresses vs. Memory Foam

Hybrid Mattresses vs. Memory Foam

Memory foam and hybrid mattresses are both popular options for pressure relief and pain reduction. However, there are some key differences between them:


  • Memory foam deeply conforms to the sleeper's body shape and position. This allows it to reduce pressure points very well. However, some people find it too enveloping.
  • A hybrid has moderate contouring from its foam comfort layer while maintaining more overall bounce and support. This suits sleepers who change positions often.


  • Memory foam has a slow response. It takes time to regain its shape after pressure is removed. This makes it more difficult to change positions.
  • The spring layer in hybrid models creates more push back and makes it easier for sleepers to move around on the mattress.

Temperature Regulation

  • Closed-cell memory foam is known to retain body heat. This can cause some people to sleep hot.
  • Hybrids allow for more airflow which helps dissipate warmth. However, models with thick memory foam comfort layers can still sleep warm for some.

Mattress To Door offers a range of firmness levels in its selection of affordable hybrid mattresses to suit different needs. Customers can try a hybrid risk-free during the 90-night trial period.

Pros and Cons of Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid Mattress Pros and Cons

Hybrid mattresses offer a nice balance of benefits from different mattress materials, but they aren't perfect. Here is an overview of the key pros and cons of owning a hybrid mattress:


  • Pressure relief - The thick foam comfort layer provides cushioning to alleviate pressure points. This is ideal for side sleepers.
  • Easy movement - The springiness from the coil support core makes it easier to change positions compared to all-foam beds.
  • Increased airflow - The space between the coils allows more air circulation to help regulate temperature.
  • Strong edge support - Foam encasement around the spring perimeter minimizes sagging when sitting on the mattress edges.
  • Versatility - Multiple comfort layer options accommodate different preferences and needs.


  • Price - The advanced construction makes hybrids more expensive than basic innerspring and all-foam mattresses. However, Mattress To Door offers hybrids starting at just $249.
  • Motion transfer - Hybrids isolate motion better than traditional innersprings but not as well as all foam. Deep pocketed coils help minimize this.
  • Heat retention - Models with thick memory foam can still retain heat for hot sleepers, unlike more breathable latex and coil layers.
  • Weight - Hybrids tend to be heavier than foam beds due to the metal coil system.
  • Off-gassing - Some new hybrids have an initial smell from the foam layers that dissipate within days.

Overall, hybrid mattresses provide a responsive surface with pressure relief that can accommodate combination sleepers. Their coil cores provide great support for back and stomach sleeping as well.

Who Should Purchase a Hybrid Mattress?

who are hybrid mattresses best for?

Hybrid mattresses can meet the needs of many different sleeper types thanks to their blend of materials and design options. Here are the key factors that determine who will benefit most from a hybrid mattress:

Sleeping Position

  • Side sleepers need pressure relief around their shoulders and hips. The cushioning comfort layer of a hybrid mattress helps relieve these pressure points.
  • Back sleepers require a balance of support for their mid-back and cushioning for their lower back. A medium firm hybrid fits this need well.
  • Stomach sleepers need an evenly flat, firm surface to keep their spine properly aligned. Hybrids with a thinner comfort layer work best.


  • Couples benefit from the edge support and bounce of hybrids. This makes it easier to move around and maximize the sleeping surface without disturbing your partner.

Body Type

  • People under 130 pounds usually need a softer comfort layer for pressure relief.
  • People between 130-230 pounds typically prefer a balance of cushioning and support.
  • People over 230 pounds require extra support from the coil layer as they tend to sink in more deeply.

How Long Do Hybrid Mattresses Last?

The average lifespan of a new hybrid mattress is 6 to 8 years. This depends on several factors:

  • Materials - Higher-density foams and tempered steel coils are more durable and increase mattress longevity.
  • Usage - The average hybrid lasts longer for a single sleeper than for a couple due to less concentrated wear and tear.
  • Maintenance - Regularly rotating the mattress and using a mattress protector extends its usable life.

Hybrid mattresses tend to last about as long as the average all-foam bed because of similarities in materials and wear. However, hybrids tend to last longer than innerspring mattresses that lack foam comfort layers.

All hybrid mattresses sold by Mattress To Door come with a 10 year warranty. This provides an assurance that they are designed to provide many years of comfortable support.

Are Hybrid Mattresses Good for Back Pain?

Are Hybrid Mattresses Good for Back Pain

Hybrid mattresses can be an excellent choice for people suffering from back pain. Here’s a look at how they can help:

  • Zoned coils - Many hybrids use different coil gauges in certain zones. This provides firmer support in the center third to keep the spine aligned.
  • Cushioning comfort - The memory foam or latex layer contours to the body to alleviate pressure points that cause discomfort.
  • Spinal alignment - The balance of pressure relief and support keeps the spine in proper posture as you sleep.
  • Strong edge support - Hybrids reinforce the perimeter so you can sleep all the way to the edge without sagging, keeping your back supported.
  • Ease of movement - The springiness of hybrids makes it easier to change positions to find relief during the night.

Mattress To Door offers specialized orthopedic hybrid mattresses designed to provide optimal support and pain relief for ache-free mornings.

Hybrid Mattress FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about hybrid mattresses:

Q: What is a hybrid mattress?

A: A hybrid mattress is a combination of two or more materials, usually combining a traditional innerspring mattress with layers of foam such as memory foam or latex.

Q: Why should I consider a hybrid mattress?

A: Hybrid mattresses offer the benefits of both innerspring and foam mattresses. They provide the support and bounce of a traditional spring mattress while also offering the pressure relief and contouring properties of foam.

Q: What are the benefits of memory foam in a hybrid mattress?

A: Memory foam in a hybrid mattress can provide excellent pressure relief and conform to your body's unique contours, promoting proper spinal alignment and reducing the risk of pressure points.

Q: How is a hybrid mattress made?

A: A hybrid mattress typically consists of a base layer of pocketed coils or innerspring system, followed by layers of foam, such as memory foam or latex, and sometimes additional comfort layers like a pillow top or mattress topper.

Q: Are hybrid mattresses suitable for all body types and sleep positions?

A: Hybrid mattresses can be a good choice for various body types and sleep positions. However, it is important to consider factors such as firmness level and the specific needs of your body to ensure the right support and comfort.

Q: What should I consider when choosing a hybrid mattress?

A: When choosing a hybrid mattress, it is important to consider factors such as your sleep preferences, body type and sleep position, the level of support and comfort needed, and any specific features or materials you prefer.

Q: What is the difference between a hybrid mattress and a traditional spring mattress?

A: A hybrid mattress combines the support and durability of a traditional spring mattress with the added comfort and pressure relief of foam layers. Traditional spring mattresses primarily rely on metal springs for support.

Q: Can a hybrid mattress provide cooling features?

A: Yes, many hybrid mattresses are designed with cooling features to help regulate body temperature during sleep. This may include gel-infused foam, breathable materials, or air circulation systems.


best hybrid mattress

Hybrid mattresses offer a great combination of conforming comfort and support. They blend the cushioning of foam with the bounce of springs for a “best of both worlds” feel. The thicker comfort system relieves pressure while the spring support core keeps you lifted and makes it easy to move around.

With options across all price ranges, hybrid mattresses can work for any budget. Take advantage of Mattress To Door's selection of top-quality, budget-friendly hybrid mattresses for Canadian shoppers. With hybrids starting at just $249 and free shipping, you have nothing to lose by trying one out!

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