Types of Coil Mattress - Spring, Pocket & Quantum Coils

Types of Coil Mattress - Spring, Pocket & Quantum Coils

Welcome to MattressToDoor Corp, your premier destination for luxurious mattresses and bedding accessories. As a leading manufacturer of pocket coil, quantum coil and spring coil mattresses, we aim to revolutionize your sleep experience.

Introduction to Coil Mattresses

Coil mattresses, also known as innerspring mattresses, utilize metal coils in their support system to provide structure, durability and conforming comfort. They have been popular for decades thanks to their affordable prices, wide availability and ability to work for most sleep positions and body types.

There are three main types of coil mattresses - spring coil, pocket coil, and quantum coil:

A. Spring Coil Mattress

The most common and affordable coil mattress. Our luxurious spring coil mattresses feature open coils joined together in a single unit.

B. Pocket Coil Mattress

Individual fabric pockets encase each coil to reduce motion transfer. Browse our unrivaled pocket coil collection now!

C. Quantum Coil Mattress

Quantum coils use a patented spring-within-spring design for superior comfort and support. Experience the pinnacle of sleep technology with our adjustable quantum coil mattresses.

While all three utilize metal coils, key differences in coil configurations impact comfort, support and pricing. Continue reading this mattress coil guide to determine your ideal coil mattress type!

Understanding Coil Types and Configurations

Before exploring specific coil types, let's first examine some vital coil mattress terms and components:

A. Important Coil Mattress Terms



Coil Count

Total number of coils in a mattress

Coil Gauge

Thickness of coils - lower gauge = thicker coils

Coil Types

Different coil designs like Bonnell, offset, etc

B. Key Coil Mattress Features

  • Conforming Support: Contours to body shape while keeping spine aligned
  • Bounciness: Easy mobility for switching positions
  • Edge Support: Prevents sagging near mattress sides
  • Motion Isolation: Less partner disturbance
  • Airflow: Enables cooling airflow so sleepers don't overheat
  • Affordability: Typically cheaper than other mattress types

Now let's overview the three main coil mattress types available from MattressToDoor Corp Brands USA & Canada:

  1. Spring Coil Mattresses
  2. Pocket Coil Mattresses
  3. Quantum Coil Mattresses

Spring Coil Mattresses

As the name implies, spring coil mattresses have rows of open coils joined together in a single mesh unit. They dominate the market due to affordability and wide availability.

A. Components of a Spring Coil Mattress

Spring coil mattresses incorporate coils linked by helical wires. Other parts include:

  • Insulator pads separate coils from other layers
  • Comfort layers enhance top-surface cushioning
  • A quilted panel provides pillow-top plushness

B. Types of Spring Coils

There are several spring coil configurations:

I. Bonnell Coils

The most prevalent and cost-effective spring coil variety. These hourglass-shaped coils offer even support suitable for most sleepers.

II. Offset Coils

An upgraded Bonnell design where adjoining coils are offset for increased flex and conforming comfort.

III. Continuous Coils

All coils linked into a single wire unit running through the mattress. Provides consistent feel across the surface.

IV. Marshall Coils

Barrel-shaped coils adept at compression offering consistent comfort and durability.

Peruse our entire hotel-style spring coil mattress collection now at MattressToDoor Corp Brands!

C. Benefits of Spring Coil Mattresses

Spring coil mattresses offer sleepers several advantages:

  1. Excellent bounciness for sex and changing positions
  2. Strong edge support preventing sagging
  3. Airflow enabling a cool and comfortable sleep
  4. Very budget-friendly pleasing every price point
  5. Manufacturable to various firmness levels

Despite the benefits, spring coils also have some potential drawbacks covered next.

D. Drawbacks of Spring Coil Mattresses

While spring coils excel in many areas, possible shortcomings include:

  1. Motion transfer can be quite high
  2. Less contouring and conforming to body shape
  3. Prone to developing body impressions over time
  4. Exposed coils may poke through with heavy usage

Give your budget a break without compromising luxury or comfort! Try our hotel-style spring coil mattress collection now.

Next let's examine pocket coil mattresses from MattressToDoor Corp Brands.

Pocket Coil Mattresses

Pocket coil mattresses encase each spring coil in a fabric pocket allowing it to compress independently. This design dramatically reduces motion transfer while facilitating close contouring.

A. Components of a Pocket Coil Mattress

While parts can vary among brands, pocket coil mattresses usually contain:

  • Hundreds of independent pocketed coils
  • Comfort foam layers for cushioning
  • A quilted foam panel on top

B. Benefits of Pocket Coil Mattresses

Pocket coil mattresses provide sleepers numerous advantages including:

  1. Exceptional motion isolation from fabric-encased coils
  2. Close body-hugging conformability
  3. Long-lasting durability and support
  4. Availability in diverse firmness options
  5. Maintain consistent shape and feel over time
  6. Quiet performance with minimal noise

Give your body the tailored comfort and support it needs with MattressToDoor Corp Brands' unparalleled pocket coil mattress selection!

V. Quantum Coil Mattresses

Quantum coil mattresses exemplify the leading edge in coil technology. They employ a patented spring-within-spring design offering unrivaled comfort and responsiveness.

A. Inside a Quantum Coil Mattress

While constructions vary across brands, quantum coil mattresses typically contain:

  • Hundreds of quantum coils with internal mini-springs
  • Transition foam and padding
  • High-density foam border for edge support

B. Advantages of Quantum Coil Mattresses

Quantum coil mattresses provide exceptional benefits like:

  1. Ultimate responsiveness and bounce
  2. Precise body-contouring conformability
  3. Incredible durability with lasting performance
  4. Consistent spinal alignment and comfort
  5. Isolated motion transfer
  6. Reinforced edge support

Bring home the pinnacle of sleep technology with MattressToDoor Corp's adjustable and plush quantum coil mattress collection.

C. Potential Shortcomings of Quantum Coils

However, a few possible limitations of quantum coil mattresses include:

  1. Typically more expensive than other coil types
  2. May sleep warm for some
  3. Changing positions requires some effort
  4. Could produce noise over time

Treat yourself to a masterpiece of engineering with MattressToDoor Corp Brands' adjustable luxury quantum coil mattresses.

How To Choose The Best Coil Mattress

Selecting the optimal coil mattress depends largely on your typical sleep position, body type, budget and personal preferences.

A. Best Coil Mattresses By Sleep Position

Use the guide below to determine the ideal coil mattress type for your dominant sleep position:


Recommended Coil Mattress



Harmony Lux Carbon


Conforms closely, relieves pressure points


Euro Plush or Paradise


Provides posture alignment, less sinkage




Prevents midsection "hammocking", excellent support

B. Selecting By Body Type and Weight

Lightweight sleepers can opt for softer spring and pocket coil choices offering more "give" and cushioning.

Average weight and plus-size sleepers require thicker, higher coil count mattress models resilient enough to resist impressions long-term - quantum coil is an exceptional option.

C. Pairing Coil Mattresses With Adjustable Bases

MattressToDoor Corp's adjustable bases enable you to customize mattress incline, firmness and settings for maximum comfort.

Spring coils paired with an adjustable base facilitate floating, cloud-like plushness.

Quantum coil mattresses on an adjustable base offer sublime weightless comfort and support.

D. Budget-Friendly yet Luxurious Hotel Collections

If affordability is essential, explore MattressToDoor Corp Brands' hotel edition mattress collections.

Combining durable spring coils and plush comfort layers, our specialized hotel mattresses deliver luxury and quality without the markup.

VII. FAQs on MattressToDoor Corp Brands' Coil Mattresses

Still have questions? See our coil mattress FAQs below or contact us!

A. How Long Do Coil Mattresses Last?

With proper care and 6-month rotations, expect 10 to 15 years from MattressToDoor Corp coil mattresses.

Pocket and quantum coils tend to outlast basic spring coils.

B. Do Coil Mattresses Need Box Springs?

While not essential, pairing your new coil mattress with box springs facilitates maximum comfort and durability.

C. Are Coil Mattresses Good for Back Pain?

Yes, coil mattresses provide exceptional support keeping your spine aligned.

MattressToDoor Corp's quantum and pocket coil options prevent and alleviate back pain.

D. Why Choose MattressToDoor Corp Brands?

As Canada & USA's premier direct-to-consumer mattress manufacturer, MattressToDoor Corp delivers unmatched quality and luxury at direct-from-factory pricing.


We hope this guide gave you clarity on picking your perfect coil mattress type, configurations and firmness level from MattressToDoor Corp Brands. Please contact us with any other questions - our sleep experts are delighted to help find your ideal mattress match!

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