The Best Soft Mattress in Canada for Plush Comfort 2023

The Best Soft Mattress in Canada for Plush Comfort 2023

Are you searching for the perfect soft mattress to cradle you to sleep? As one of the premier destinations for Canadian mattress shoppers, we understand the appeal of a plush, pillowy mattress. Soft mattresses contour gently to the shape of your body, relieving pressure points while you drift off to dreamland.

But not all soft mattresses live up to their name. Some lack the quality materials and construction to provide lasting comfort and support. With this guide, we’ll explore what defines a soft mattress and recommend some of the best soft yet supportive options available in Canada. Let’s uncover your ideal blend of cushioning comfort!

What is a Soft Mattress?

Before diving into specific products, let’s look at what makes a mattress “soft” in the first place. On the firmness scale, soft mattresses rank at a 3-5 out of 10, with 10 being the firmest. They have extra foam layers and cushioning upholstery to create a gentle, melting feel when you first lie down. However, a quality soft mattress also provides support exactly where you need it.

Key traits of soft mattresses include:

  • Plush foam comfort layers - Features luxurious memory foam, latex foam, gel foam, or other pressure-relieving materials
  • Cushioning upholstery - Quilted covers and pillow tops add extra padding
  • Gentle contouring - Hugs curves without allowing too much sinkage
  • Great motion isolation - Absorbs movement so you stay undisturbed
  • Pressure relief - Reduces strain on shoulders, hips, and other sensitive areas

With advanced technologies like foam encasement and zoned coil support, many of today’s soft mattress models prevent you from sinking too deep. This results in better spinal alignment with the comfort you crave.

Our Top Soft Mattress Picks

Ready to discover exceptional soft mattresses made right here in Canada? We’ll spotlight a mix of all-foam, coil, and hybrid options that provide five-star comfort and support.

Crafting superior sleep experiences is our specialty. We partner exclusively with manufacturers that share our commitment to quality, integrity, sustainability, and community values. Let's explore your next rest destination!

Plush, Contouring Softness

Natalie Mattress


As our best-selling extra plush all foam mattress, the Natalie cradles side sleepers in gentle comfort. Three layers of dense, durable foams provide contouring and pressure relief where you need it most.

We offer Soft and Ultra Soft firmness options, letting you customize based on your body type and sleep preferences. Both choices cushion pressure points while supporting healthy spinal alignment.

Covered in a lightweight Tencel blend fabric, the breathable Natalie regulates temperature for a comfortably cool night's rest. Its CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX certified foam is also responsibly made without ozone depleters.

Other Key Features:

  • Multiple firmness levels
  • Zero partner disturbance
  • Superior edge support
  • Easy delivery

The Best of Softness and Support

Serta Victory Soft

As a premier American mattress brand, Serta is synonymous with luxurious comfort. The Victory Soft pairs plush foams with 886 customized support coils for back-hugging softness. Cooling technologies like airflow channels and a breathable cover promote airflow and heat dispersion.

We love Serta for their balance of cushy comfort and body-contouring support. The Victory Soft cradles your shape while minimizing sagging and misalignment. Reinforced edges provide solid support whether lounging or getting in and out of bed.

Additional Benefits:

  • Great for side and back sleepers
  • Encased coils limit motion transfer
  • Durable foams retain shape
  • Handles included for mobility

Advanced Pressure Relief

Addision Quantum Zero Motion Transfer

For cutting-edge softness, this hybrid pairs triple-layered memory foams with innovative Quantum Edge Elite coils. Airgocell comfort foam dynamically adapts to your movements, while cooling gels and an airflow border fabric counter heat retention. Zoned foam rail reinforcement provides lumbar support.

With foam encasement and a reinforced edge, the Addision prevents collapsing edges. Enhanced corner stability also makes this a great mattress for adjustable beds. Zero partner disturbance lets you snooze soundly while your co-sleeper moves.

Additional Perks:

  • Luxurious knit fabrics wick moisture
  • Antimicrobial safeguards against allergens, mold, and dust mites
  • Compressed yet full-sized for coast-to-coast delivery

Pillowy Plush Softness

Victory PT Plush Serta


For superior pressure relief, check out the Victory PT Plush from leading Canadian brand Serta. Its pillow top design cradles you in plush comfort, with innovative CarbonFlex foam and EverCool gel memory foam regulating temperature. Pocketed coils deliver responsive contouring support aligned to your body.

With four firmness options, you can find your perfect softness-to-support ratio. All choices offer superior motion isolation thanks to quality foams and fabric-encased coils. Reinforced edges provide outstanding edge support during intimate activities.

Additional Luxuries:

  • Handle anchors for easy transport
  • Naturally hypoallergenic materials
  • Resists sagging and impressions
  • Designed and built in Canada

Soothing Pressure Point Cushioning

Pride Plush PT Serta


Inspired by the natural contours of Canadian landscapes, the Pride Plush PT combines plush comfort and ergonomic support. Quilted to perfection, its Euro top cushions while providing reinforced lumbar support right where you need it.

Underneath lies Serta’s ComfortCore encased coil system with a foam perimeter for strengthened edge support. Combined with gel-infused memory foams, you can stretch out anywhere without sagging. Its lightweight, breathable cover allows airflow to keep you comfy all night long.

Additional Features:

  • Enhanced corner stability
  • Easy mobility with side handles
  • Naturally hypoallergenic
  • Designed and built in Canada using domestic and imported materials

Serta Stardom Plush PT


As another exceptional Canadian-exclusive model from Serta, the Stardom Plush PT spoils sleepers with pillowy-soft comfort. Plush upholstery layers cushion pressure points while easing circulation, backed by responsive Quantum Edge Elite coil support.

Its TENCEL blended knit cover offers cooling, moisture-wicking softness. This responsibly sourced fabric is breathable, hypoallergenic, and incredibly durable. Add in reinforced edges with additional foam, and you can utilize the full sleep surface without sagging.

Extra Benefits:

  • Zoned lumbar support protects the lower back
  • Superb temperature regulation
  • Easy mobility with integrated handles
  • Compressed for convenient delivery

What to Consider When Buying a Soft Mattress

While a soft pillow top mattress might seem universally appealing, some factors impact whether it's the best match for your needs. Let's explore how to select an option catering to your sleep position, body type, health conditions, and more.

Finding the Right Firmness

Soft mattresses work exceptionally well for side sleepers. Sleeping on your side already allows your spine to rest in a relatively neutral position. Extra cushioning layers enhance this by gently supporting curves instead of creating misalignment or pressure points.

Stomach sleepers may find soft mattresses allow too much sinking of the abdomen and pelvis. This tips the spine out of ideal alignment. However, many latest-generation soft mattress options provide zoned support to prevent this.

Weight and Body Considerations

Heavier individuals require a softer mattress with reinforced support features. Without these, they might “bottom out” by sinking through comfort layers to hit firmer foundations underneath. Quantum edge protection, reinforced borders, and foam encasement help prevent this in quality soft mattress models.

Petite to average weight sleepers can enjoy soft mattress comfort knowing most are designed to support a wide weight range. Just ensure your model matches the level of sinkage you prefer. And if sharing with a partner, your different body types may require compromise on firmness.

Sleep Temperature Preferences

One downside of soft foam mattresses is their potential to retain heat. To combat stuffiness, today's models incorporate special cooling gels, perforations, airflow channels, moisture-wicking covers, and other innovations. If you run hot, prioritize these advanced features in a soft mattress.

Matching Foundations and Bed Frames

While a box spring is not required, a well-matched foundation or bed frame enhances soft mattress performance. Allow around 10-14 inches total for mattress plus foundation height. Size-appropriate metal bed frames also reinforce edges.

Budget Considerations

Cost often correlates with quality in the mattress industry. Cheaper soft mattress models tend to over-compress or develop lasting indentations relatively quickly. Carefully inspect density ratings, foams, coil gauge, warranties, and reviews before purchasing any budget mattress. An additional mattress protector also safeguards your investment.

Soft Mattress Shopping FAQs

While buying a soft, body-conforming mattress can seem straightforward, questions often arise for first-time mattress buyers. We'll address a few commonly asked ones below.

How soft is too soft?

The ideal softness depends primarily on your body weight and sleep position. Lightweight side sleepers typically prefer extra-plush options in the very soft 3-4 firmness range. Heavier stomach sleepers require firmer versions closer to a 6 for proper support. Finding the sweet spot might require trying a couple different comfort levels.

Are soft mattresses good for back pain?

Quality soft mattresses can certainly ease back pain by contouring closely to the spine’s natural curves. Features like reinforced edges provide uniform support across the sleep surface. Just ensure cushioning upholstery layers don’t let your midsection sink too far, which strains the back.

Do I need a box spring with a soft mattress?

While you don't need an additional box spring, having 10-14 inches total for your mattress set helps prevent bottoming out. Soft mattresses are often thinner around 10 inches. Pairing with a standard mattress foundation adds height and edge support. But low-profile metal platform beds also work well.

Caring for Your Soft Mattress

Caring properly for your indulgently plush mattress ensures it retains its dreamy comfort. We'll cover key care tips related to soft mattress durability, cleaning, and more below.

Mattress Care Considerations


Breaking In Period

Allow 2-4 weeks for your body to adjust to initial softness, as materials compress to your shape

Mattress Topper

Avoid adding an additional topper, which strains upholstery layers


Rotate head-to-toe every 3 months to promote even wear


Use a pad protector to guard upholstery layers from spills and stains


Spot clean with water-based foam cleaner. Avoid harsh chemicals or steamers


Add a mattress topper to gently re-fill if less than 1 inch deep


Leave your boxed mattress in a ventilated room for 1-3 days before using to dissipate manufacturing odors

Experience Soft Mattress Comfort with Mattress To Door

As your trusted Canadian sleep specialists, we believe a softly cushioning, body- contouring mattress should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we offer exceptional quality bedding at reasonable prices, all built responsibly with premium foams and fabrics.

Our convenient delivery ships directly to your home in eco-friendly, recyclable packaging. Or visit any of our 5 GTA showrooms to experience display models first-hand.

Every Mattress To Door purchase comes with free shipping, hassle-free returns, and a 90-night comfort guarantee. We stand behind the durable craftsmanship of our soft yet supportive mattresses. You have nothing to lose by trying out plush comfort perfection!

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

In summary, soft mattresses rate around a 3-6 on the 10-point firmness scale, providing cradling comfort through gentle foam layers and pillowy covers. The right amount of sink-in depends on your sleep style and body type. Quality models offer targeted support features too.

Key Takeaways:

  • Soft mattresses contour closely to relieve pressure
  • Finding the right firmness level is key
  • Advanced options have cooling plus targeted support
  • Carefully match foundations and protect the upholstery
  • Try out Mattress To Door's plush mattress selection!
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