Single Mattress Size: How to Find the Perfect Fit for Your Space

Single Mattress Size: How to Find the Perfect Fit for Your Space


Selecting the ideal single mattress size may seem straightforward on the surface, but there are many factors to consider beyond just room dimensions. The right solo mattress accommodates your sleep habits, body type, mattress preferences, and budget. It also makes smart use of your available space for maximum comfort.
Take the time to evaluate your needs and try different single mattress sizes to discover the perfect fit for your bedroom. Investing in the ideal size and quality single mattress from Mattress to Door sets the foundation for healthy, restorative sleep.
Read on to learn about critical considerations when shopping for a single mattress and get an overview of popular solo bed sizes.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Single Mattress Size

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Single Mattress Size
Choosing a mattress when you sleep alone comes down to more than just room size. Consider these factors to select the optimal single mattress dimensions and features for your space and sleep habits:
A. Room Dimensions and Layout
Measure the length and width of your bedroom to determine the maximum dimensions for your new single mattress. Consider the placement of your bed within the room. Allow for at least 2 feet of space on either side for easy access. Measure doorway clearance as well to ensure your mattress can fit into the room.
Having floorplans, drawings, or images of your space on hand while shopping simplifies the process.
Tip: Allow extra length if you are tall. Standard single mattress sizes may feel cramped.
B. Sleeping Habits
Your sleep patterns impact what size will work best:
Do you sleep alone? Single mattress sizes are ideal for solo sleeping. If you share the bed frequently, consider a larger mattress.

Do you move around? More mattress surface area allows you to spread out and change positions. If you sleep still, a more compact single may suffice.

What's your sleep position? Side sleepers need width to curl up comfortably. Back and stomach sleepers can often manage with less width.

Do you have kids or pets? Little ones and furry friends joining you may mean sizing up.

C. Mattress Type
Along with size, the materials and features of your single mattress affect comfort:
Innerspring, memory foam, or hybrid? The mattress construction impacts feel. Try different types in single sizes to compare.

Firm, medium, or plush? Match mattress firmness to your sleep position and preference for cushioning.

Standard or thick profile? Higher mattresses have a more plush, sunk-in feel.

Mattress to Door offers all popular mattress varieties in single sizes. Test options in person or during 90-night trials.
D. Budget
Larger single mattress sizes that incorporate more features and luxury materials come with higher price tags. Define your budget to narrow options.
For a quality mattress at affordable pricing, Mattress to Door single sizes start around just $129 in Canada. Investing more allows for premium materials and advanced customization.

Overview of Common Single Mattress Sizes

Overview of Common Single Mattress Sizes
Now that you know what to evaluate when shopping, here is a breakdown of the most popular single mattress size options:
A. Twin Size Mattresses
Dimensions: 38" x 75"
Who it's good for:
Kids' rooms
Guest beds
Small bedrooms
RV mattresses
Budget sleepers
The twin is the narrowest single mattress option, measuring just 38 inches across. The compact footprint makes it a smart choice for small bedrooms where floor space comes at a premium.
Twin mattresses work well for kids transitioning to their first "big bed" or as an occasional guest bed. The affordable price point - starting around $129 at Mattress to Door - also appeals to budget shoppers.
However, the tight quarters may leave larger individuals feeling cramped. If you are tall or broad, consider sizing up.
B. Twin XL Mattresses
Dimensions: 38" x 80"
Who it's good for:
Taller sleepers
Teens and college students
Small spaces like studios
Simply put, the twin XL single mattress size adds 5 extra inches of length compared to a standard twin. The modest 38-inch width remains the same.
Those extra inches make all the difference for taller sleepers who feel confined by a traditional twin. The twin XL allows room to stretch out without your feet hanging off the end.
Teens and college students often opt for a twin XL for this added length. The narrower platform also fits well in compact dorm rooms.
Looking at twin vs twin XL mattresses? Choose twin XL if you want a bit more room to grow.
C. Full Size Mattresses
Dimensions: 53" x 75"
Who it's good for:
Solo adult sleepers
Guest rooms
studio apartments
transitional teens
Technically designed for two sleepers, full size mattresses work well for single adults who want maximum space to spread out.
With a comfy 53 inches of width, you'll have room to move around and get cozy. Full mattress sizes strike a great balance for solo sleepers who feel cramped on a twin but don't require a larger mattress.
Fulls also make excellent guest room beds. The roomy surface provides comfort for visiting family and friends.
Popular Single Mattress Sizes
Mattress Size
Best For

38" x 75"
- Kids rooms
- Guest beds
- Small bedrooms
- RV mattresses
- Budget buyers
● Narrowest single option
● Compact footprint for small spaces
● Affordable price point starting at $129
● May feel cramped for larger people

Twin XL
38" x 80"
- Taller sleepers
- Teens and college students
- Compact living spaces like studios
● Extra 5" of length vs. twin
● Good for tall people who feel cramped by a twin
● Popular for dorm rooms
● Narrow width still suits small spaces

53" x 75"
- Solo adult sleepers
- Guest rooms
- Studios
- Transitional teens
● Widest single mattress
● Room to spread out and move around
● Balances space with smaller footprint
● Great for guest rooms

Finding the Right Single Mattress for You

Finding the Right Single Mattress for You
Now that you understand the factors that determine ideal single mattress size and comfort, here are some tips for choosing the perfect solo sleep solution:
A. Consider Your Needs
The most important step is to reflect on your specific needs and preferences instead of defaulting to a twin mattress.
Take measurements of your bedroom and analyze your space planning.

Evaluate your sleep habits and sleeping partners.

Determine the mattress type and features that appeal most.

Give special consideration to your height and room to stretch out.

Keep your personal needs at the core of your single mattress shopping.
B. Try Before You Buy
Never buy a mattress sight unseen! Take advantage of Mattress to Door's showrooms to experience different single mattress sizes and feels first-hand.
Trying out mattresses in person allows you to better judge:
Overall comfort and cushioning
Edge support when sitting on the bed
Ease of movement across the surface
Whether you feel constricted or unconstrained
Don't rely on dimensions alone. The trial will confirm which size optimizes support and alleviates pressure for your body type.
C. Invest in Quality
No matter what size you select, never compromise on mattress quality. A good single mattress encourages better sleep.
Prioritize options that provide:
Pressure relief and healthy spinal alignment
Responsive support and bounce
Strong edge support so you can utilize the entire surface
Motion isolation if you sometimes share the bed
Breathability and temperature regulation
For exceptional value, Mattress to Door's selection includes quality single mattresses starting around just $129 in Canada.
D. Protect Your Purchase
Care for your single mattress to get the most out of your investment. Mattress to Door offers high-quality mattress protectors to shield against spills, stains, and damage.
A protector preserves the integrity of the sleep surface and maintains comfort. It also makes cleaning easier down the road.
E. Utilize Sleep Trials
Put that perfect single mattress candidate to the test with Mattress to Door's 90-night sleep trial. Rest easy knowing you can evaluate the mattress at home over three months.
If the size, comfort, or feel doesn't live up to expectations, simply reach out to initiate a return. Mattress to Door will arrange a complimentary pick-up and issue a full refund.

Getting the Most Out of Your Single Mattress

You've selected the ideal single mattress. Now it's time to build the ultimate sleep environment:
A. Mattress Care Tips
Use a mattress protector from day one.
Rotate your mattress 180 degrees every 2-3 months to promote even wear.
Spot clean spills immediately using just water and mild detergent. Blot dry.
Consider using a mattress topper to revitalize an older mattress.
Vacuum the mattress surface regularly using an upholstery attachment.
B. Bedding Recommendations
Enhance mattress comfort with high-quality bedding:
Breathable sheets like bamboo or eucalyptus regulate temperature.
Supportive pillows maintain spinal alignment and accommodate your sleep position.
Plush mattress toppers add an extra cushioning layer.
Cozy blankets provide warmth without overheating.
Mattress to Door offers all the essential bedding components.
C. Decor Ideas
Make the most of small bedroom floorplans with space-saving furnishings:
Floating nightstands with under-shelf storage
Under-bed storage bins and baskets
Multi-purpose furniture like storage ottomans
Elevated bed frames to allow work space underneath
Light, neutral colors to create a tranquil vibe
D. Sleep Routines
Finally, adopt healthy sleep habits to make the most of your new single mattress:
Maintain a consistent sleep schedule.
Limit afternoon naps to 30 minutes.
Avoid stimulants like caffeine and alcohol before bedtime.
Unwind with a calming pre-bed routine each night.
Optimize the bedroom for darkness, quiet, and cool temperatures.
Healthy routines amplify the benefits of your comfortable single mattress.

Experience Mattress to Door Single Mattress Comfort

At Mattress to Door, finding your perfect single mattress is effortless. Take advantage of:
90-night sleep trials to experience the mattress at home.
Free shipping for easy delivery.
Showrooms in 5 locations to compare mattress sizes and feels.
Quality mattresses starting around just $129 in Canada.
Invest in the single mattress ideal for your sleep habits and space. Contact the mattress experts at Mattress to Door today to get started!

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