Introducing Mattress To Door's Serta iComfort Mattress

Introducing Mattress To Door's Serta iComfort Mattress

Welcome to Mattress To Door, your premier destination for exceptional mattresses and beddings crafted for unrivaled comfort. As a proudly Canadian company with 5 convenient locations across the country, we believe that quality sleep should be accessible to all. That's why we're thrilled to now offer Serta's most cutting-edge sleep system – the iComfort mattress range! Engineered by sleep experts for temperature regulation, pressure relief, and tailored alignment, iComfort brings together the best of Serta’s sleep technologies. Now Canadians can experience these sought-after mattresses from the comforts of home through Mattress To Door.

Our values of integrity, transparency and community drive our passion for delivering exceptional mattress comfort. By curating leading brands like Serta under one roof, we want to provide you a personalized sleep experience that perfectly meets your needs. Read on as we dive into the innovative iComfort foam and hybrid mattresses – how they stand apart, their extensive features and why you should choose Mattress To Door as your iComfort destination!

What Makes Mattress To Door's iComfort Mattress Special

What Makes Mattress To Door's iComfort Mattress Special

Mattress To Door is thrilled to bring Serta’s exclusive iComfort range to Canadian bedrooms. As one of Serta's most advanced sleep systems, iComfort mattresses integrate the latest technologies and highest quality materials for cooling, pressure relief and comfort customization.

Some standout benefits you’ll only find in Serta’s iComfort mattresses available at our stores:

1. Max ColdTM Gel Foam

Our iComfort options infuse Max ColdTM Gel into the memory foam layers nearer the surface. These gel-infused zones offer instant cooling by conducting away heat. The open cell structure of the foam also allows airflow to prevent heat trapping. Together this means exceptionally cool sleep all night!

2. MicroSupportTM Coils

Strategically placed MicroSupportTM coils provide zoned reinforcement of the foam layers in iComfort hybrid mattresses sold by Mattress To Door. This prevents sagging and maintains comfort. The coils also promote breathability and airflow through the mattress core.

3. Triple EffectsTM Gel Memory Foam

Most iComfort models stocked by Mattress To Door feature Triple EffectsTM gel memory foam comfort layers near the surface. The innovative gel formula targets pressure points for reduced tossing and turning. Three zones offer tailored cushioning and relief for your shoulder to hip region.

4. Cold Touch Cover

All our iComfort mattresses are dressed with beautifully detailed CoolFeelTM knit fabric covers. Not only do these covers feel luxuriously soft, the special blend of fibers and yarns also imparts an instant cooling sensation whenever you lie down. This cool-to-the-touch fabric is exclusive to the iComfort!

Through these advanced technologies, iComfort mattresses delivered across Canada by Mattress To Door promise you an exceptionally cool and comfortable night's rest. The specialized construction keeps you sleeping soundly without heat or sweat.

Next let's explore the different mattress models under the iComfort umbrella available now at our stores!

Mattress To Door's iComfort Mattress Lineup

Mattress To Door offers all current iComfort mattresses from budget-friendly to luxury options in both foam and hybrid categories. You can test, compare and purchase any of the following at our showrooms:

iComfort Foam Mattress Collection


Best For

Key Features

iComfort 3000

All-around comfort

ForeverCoolTM Plus foam, Max ColdTM gel foam and Deep DownTM support

iComfort 2000

Pressure and pain relief

Triple EffectsTM gel memory foam + support foams

iComfort 1000

Cooling comfort on budget

Cool action gel memory foam and EcoComfortTM foam

The all-foam iComfort models are designed by Serta exclusively with premium foams for conforming comfort and cushioning. The fabrics and layering arrangements also bolster temperature regulation through specialized cool-to-touch covers and ventilated foam.

Hybrid iComfort Collection


Best For

Key Features

iComfort Hybrid

Cooling and support customization

Max ColdTM foam + Custom Support coils

Hybrid iComfort mattresses add cool-to-the-touch covers, gel infused memory foam as well as fabric-encased coils for the ultimate combination of cooling, pressure relief and support personalization.

With this range encompassing budget to high-end options, Mattress To Door makes the iComfort experience accessible to more customers across Canada! Visit any of our 5 locations to feel the mattresses first-hand or buy your preferred model online through our convenient webstore and delivery network.

Unique Benefits of Mattress To Door's iComfort Mattress

Unique Benefits of Mattress To Door's iComfort Mattress

From cooler sleep and less tossing/turning to perfect spinal alignment, here are 5 exceptional benefits you’ll enjoy every night with Mattress To Door’s iComfort mattress range:

1. Optimized Cooling Power

All iComfort models in our stores integrate cooling technologies not found in other mattresses. The innovative foam and covers work together to prevent heat buildup. Key elements like:

  • Max ColdTM gel infusion in memory foam pulls away warmth
  • Cool-to-the-touch covers feel cold initially
  • Breathable fabric arrangements promote airflow

This winning combination means you sleep cool and comfortable in any season! No more sweaty summer nights or temperature fluctuations disrupting rest.

2. Reduced Pressure Points

Another common issue is nagging pressure points that grow painful over hours of lying still. Mattress To Door’s iComfort options tackle this through thoughtful material placements:

  • Softer foam zones cushion shoulders to hips
  • Firmer areas reinforce the middle third
  • Zoned MicroCoilsTM add rebound under heavier zones
  • Conforming memory foam fills spaces evenly

Together this means no more tossing and turning due to aches! The mattress supports just as needed to eliminate pressure points across zones.

3. Total Body Alignment

The advanced design of the iComfort mattresses available at Mattress To Door enables total body relaxation in perfect alignment:

  • Reinforced zones keep spine straight from neck to lower back
  • Enveloping materials fill spaces evenly to avoid gaps
  • Adaptable support mirrors natural curves and angles
  • Less pushing back = less morning soreness!

You'll be amazed how much better you feel waking up after a night with correct posture and cushioning. No compromises needed between cooling, relief and alignment with iComfort.

4. Superior Responsiveness

Unlike some other memory foam mattresses, the iComfort won’t leave you feeling ‘stuck’. Softer foams in top layers adapt quickly while lower transitional and support foams restore shape rapidly. Strategically placed MicroCoilsTM also boost responsiveness. This gives a subtly ‘bouncy’ feel that makes moving around easy.

5. Customized Support

Mattress To Door offers iComfort models with diverse firmness feels ranging from plush soft (2.5/10) to extra firm (7.5/10). This lets you choose your perfect match for personalized comfort and support. As your needs change over time, certain mattresses also allow modifying firmness levels at home through interchangeable layers!

With these exceptional advantages, the Serta iComfort mattresses available across Canada through Mattress To Door promise countless cool and comfy nights for years to come!

Next let’s explore exactly why you should choose us as your iComfort sleep solutions provider over other sellers.

Why Choose Mattress To Door For Your iComfort mattress

With many avenues to experience Serta’s cutting-edge iComfort sleep system, why should you choose Mattress To Door over other sellers?

Convenient Testing Across 5 Locations

While other online retailers only sell blindly, Mattress To Door operates 5 showrooms nationally. This allows shoppers to test out the actual iComfort models first-hand before deciding! Our trained Sleep Experts can guide you through the range in a no-pressure environment perfect for comparing feels.

Can’t visit a store? No issue! We encourage home trials so you can evaluate mattresses in your actual space. Alongside cost-efficiency from direct supply, it's the best of both worlds.

90 Day In-Home Comfort Trial

Every iComfort mattress from Mattress To Door comes with an exceptional 90 night home trial. This offers plenty of time to decide if yours meets your needs. For further peace of mind, we even take care of return transport for complete convenience.

With other sellers you may get just 30 days without such comprehensive support. Our priority is your total comfort - so we go the extra mile!

Exceptional Customer Service

Buying from experienced specialists also means exemplary service during and after purchase. Need guidance on specifications or troubleshooting your existing sleep setup? Our Sleep Experts have you covered via online chat, email or phone. You won't find this richness of support just anywhere.

We also offer exclusive member rewards, financing options plus bundle offers on mattresses with bed frames and accessories. From start to finish Mattress To Door makes your iComfort purchase transparent and tailored completely around your sleep needs!

Direct from Canadians to Canadians

As a proudly homegrown brand serving customers coast to coast, Mattress To Door has your back. We operate state-of-the-art local manufacturing with rigorous standards to craft quality you can trust. Our fulfilled online orders also ship from Canadian warehouses for efficiency.

With Mattress To Door you know precisely what goes into your iComfort mattress from source to doorstep. And we'll be right here to followup if any needs arise! Choose us for the full experience.

Understanding The iComfort’s Unique Firmness Scale

Deciphering mattress firmness can be confusing when every brand uses different systems. Serta makes it easier through the iComfort’s tailored 10-point scale available exclusively at Mattress To Door. But what do the numbers actually signify?

A 1-10 scale balances broad choice for all preferences with memorability. Lower ratings signify softer feels, while higher ones are firmer. General guidance:

The Softer Side – Great For Side Sleepers

  • 1 – 3 = Plush Soft Sinks deeply with hugging cradle; best for petite side sleepers

  • 3 – 5 = Medium Soft
    Conforms closely with some pushback support; suits average weight side sleepers

The Firmer Feels – Ideal For Back & Stomach Sleepers

  • 6 – 8 = Medium Firm Gentle contouring with reinforced support ideal for most back sleepers

  • 8 – 10 = Extra Firm
    Very resilient with light shaping for heavy persons and strict stomach sleepers

Mattress To Door’s iComfort selection spans the entire range so you can find your fit. Visit any location to experience the mattresses and discover whether you prefer gentle plushness or robust reinforcement. Unsure where to start? Our Rest Experts can advise the best match for your sleeping style and build.

The scale also assists easy substitutions if your current mattress feel isn’t optimal. Referencing comparable ratings helps select an alternative iComfort model with better suitability from Mattress To Door’s extensive variety online or in-store. With changeable layers on certain models you can even fine-tune firmness at home until your body says “just right”!

iComfort Mattress Vs Memory Foam Mattress

“Aren’t iComfort mattresses also memory foam?”

It’s a common question, but the reality is iComfort models offer advanced cooling, support and durability compared to basic memory foam. Let’s compare the key differences:

Cooling Technologies

Traditional memory foam relies solely on airflow through tiny pores to prevent heat trapping. But the cooling fabrics, gels and phase change materials inside Mattress To Door’s iComfort mattresses act more powerfully to maintain lower temperatures. This means deeper, undisrupted rest even for hot sleepers. Saatva has more robust climate control.

Targeted Support

Many basic memory foam mattresses use uniform blocks which can’t adapt to different body zones. The ensemble of triple-zone foams, reinforced stabilizing foams and fabric encased coils in hybrid iComfort options available at Mattress To Door provide tailored alignment. No pressure points!


Cheaper memory foam also tends to 'hug' the body with slow rebound. This makes rotating cumbersome. Mattress To Door’s iComfort mattresses blend finer high resilience foams through the comfort layers for better ease of movement without losing cushioning.


Standard memory foam loses shape permanency quite fast with deformation visible in months. The precision layered arrangements inside all iComfort mattresses resist sagging and impressions exceptionally well. High density supporting cores also bolster reinforcement from Day 1 until the end of the 10 year warranty and beyond!

So while iComfort does utilize advanced memory foam formulations, the multi-layered builds and science behind heat regulation, contouring and resilience clearly set them apart from ordinary mattresses in this category. Visit Mattress To Door soon for the upgraded experience. Our current sale offers are hard to beat on selected comfort innovation!

Caring For Your iComfort Mattress

Choosing the most cutting-edge technologies for cooling, cushioning and support is step one – but maintaining your Mattress To Door iComfort for the long run is equally important for performance. Follow our 5 golden rules for caring:

1. Mattress Protector from Day 1

Always safeguard your mattress (and warranty eligibility)! Waterproof protectors defend against spills and allergens. Softly padded toppers maintain breathability & comfort. Mattress To Door offers both varieties suitable for the iComfort models.

2. Yearly Rotations

Twice annually, rotate your mattress head-to-toe to minimize body indentations and wear patterns developing in areas. This easy habit extends comfort life significantly.

3. Spot Cleaning

For small spills or marks, spot clean the cover promptly using a mild soap and water solution with soft sponge. Never soak or use harsh chemicals.

4. Maintain Support

Use a compatible foundation or adjustable base in good condition to receive the iComfort’s warrantied performance years. Avoid saggy support surfaces and improper bed frames.

5. When To Replace

Generally iComfort models last 8-12 years before losing original feel and contouring closeness. At this point, or in case of damage, contact Mattress To Door for special loyalty savings on a replacement model. We can also remove old mattresses respectfully.

By caring for your investment using these best practices, your Serta iComfort mattress from Mattress To Door will reward you with countless cool and cozy nights year after year.

Shopping for an iComfort Mattress

Mattress To Door makes investing in an advanced iComfort easier and more affordable than ever. Here’s a quick guide covering expectations:


Queen sizes start around $1499 for more budget oriented iComfort options from our stores, up to $3699 for our elite models. All are very reasonably priced given the exceptional quality, design and sleep science inside.

Bundles with compatible adjustable bases, foundations, frames, protectors and pillows attract tiered discounts at checkout online and in-person.

Mattress Sizing

From cozy Twin sizes through expansive Cal King models, Mattress To Door stocks iComfort to suit bedrooms of all dimensions. Split sizing is also available for couples with different preferences. For RV and boat owners, certain models come in specialized RV Short Queen & Short King options.

Delivery & Setup

iComfort mattresses sold online and in-stores include optional in-home assembly by Mattress To Door’s trained experts available in most locations nationally. Or select free contactless curbside dropoff if you prefer easy self setup - the compressed iComfort boxes are designed for neat unboxing!

Either way, we’ll notify you for scheduling convenient 2-hour delivery windows. Inside delivery with professional installation can be added a la carte in applicable regions.

Product Warranty

All iComfort models from Mattress To Door are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty for added peace of mind. 15 years coverage is included for hybrid options and 10 years for all-foam variants. Contact us anytime for quick help troubleshooting or making warranty claims if materials or workmanship related issues emerge.

For the ultimate experience blended convenience, selection and sleep innovation directly from a homegrown specialist, choose Mattress To Door for your next iComfort sleep sanctuary. With exceptional bonuses like bundled member rates, deferred 0% financing plans and military savings, you’ll rest easy on valuing Canada’s premium sleep solutions brand.

Find a location nearest you from Mississauga to Quebec and start your journey towards the most advanced rest ever today. Or shop 24/7 online at for exciting upfront discounts with home delivery across the nation.

For personalized guidance, call 1-888-739-0744. Knowledgeable Sleep Consultants are available from 10AM – 8PM EST daily to understand your needs and match you with just the right advanced iComfort solution. Start sleeping ahead of the curve on Serta’s latest innovations only available at Canada’s #1 direct sleep seller!


Do all Serta iComfort mattresses have foam? What about springs?

The all-foam iComfort models like the 3000 contain no coils, only foams. Hybrid options add fabric-encased coil support units beneath foam comfort layers for responsive cushioning.

What kind of foundation can I use with an iComfort mattress?

Non-spring flat hard foundations, solid platforms and adjustable bases all support iComfort mattresses well. Soft surfaces may void performance warranties. Our Sleep Experts can recommend approved options.

How thick are the iComfort mattresses?

Thicker mattresses tend to use more intricate advanced foam arrangements and offer more cradling. Our iComfort mattresses range from 10 inches for more streamlined designs up to 16 inches for the ultimate luxury models.

Which iComfort is the firmest available at Mattress To Door?

Our top-end iComfort 5000 model comes in firm (7.5) and ultra-firm (9.5) options for those wanting the most reinforcement. But our specialists can fine-tune support across the range through layer swapping.

Do you have split king iComfort models?

Absolutely! At Mattress To Door stores you can test and shop for split Cal King iComfort mattresses where each long half functions independently. Great for couples with differing needs. splits allow adjusting firmness, positioning etc. per side.

Next Steps

We hope this guide offered you a helpful introduction to Mattress To Door’s exceptional iComfort range. For additional personalized advice from Canada's sleep experts visit us in-store across the nation or chat online at Let us match you with just the right cooling, contouring iComfort mattress from our unbeatable selection for life-changing rest.

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