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Can Two Adults Sleep on a Full Size Mattress?

When shopping for a mattress, one of the most common dilemmas couples face is settling on the right size. At Mattress To Door, we often get asked: can two grown adults actually sleep comfortably on a full bed size? With so many factors impacting comfort, it requires a bit more thought before deciding.

Navigating between the twin beds of childhood and the expansive king and California king mattresses often enjoyed later in life, full size beds split the difference. While less spacious than a queen or king, full mattresses offer a nice upgrade from cramped twin or single options. But how can you determine if that middle ground suits a co-sleeping situation?

What is a Full Size Mattress?

Before deciding if a full mattress works for two people, let’s explore what precisely constitutes a full size:

Mattress Dimensions

Measuring 54 inches wide by 75 inches long, a full mattress offers expanded width compared to a twin without occupying ample floor space. It falls approximately 15 inches shorter than a queen size mattress and 16 inches narrower, with twin, full, queen and king comprising the standard mattress sizes today.

History of Mattress Sizes

Interestingly, the origins of full size beds trace back to the early 20th century when houses became slightly larger to accommodate them. Originally termed “double beds,” they presented a comfortable compromise for couples over cramped single options without demanding expansive space larger mattresses required.

While fulls served as the happy middle ground for decades, the subsequent queen and king sizes that offered luxurious stretching room decreased their popularity over time. Nonetheless, they remain a nice transitional size from kid to adult mattresses appreciated in certain scenarios.

Who are Full Size Mattresses Best For?

Given their cozy 54 inch width, full size mattresses best cater to:

Children & Teens

Transitioning kids from toddler beds to their first “adult” mattress is made easy with a full. The size prevents dwarfed kids from drowning in excess material without providing ample room to stretch as they grow into pre-teens and teens. For smaller bedrooms, a full strikes the ideal balance.

Single Sleepers

For adults sans co-sleeper, the full satisfies solo spreaders. By avoiding the empty expanse of larger mattresses that one person rattles around in, the full offers a comfortable middle ground. The size provides space to move freely without forcing sleepers to fill unnecessary square footage.

Guest Rooms

Outfitting guest rooms and home office spaces converted to occasional sleeping quarters is made easy with the versatile full mattress. When visitors like family, friends and the in-laws come to stay for a night or two, the full allows couples to rest together while sidestepping the awkwardness of crowded larger mattress sizes.

RVers and Tiny Home Dwellers

Those living the RV life, embracing the tiny home movement or occupying compact spaces appreciate full mattresses. The size increases livability for couples in limited square footage without overcrowding tight quarters. Full mattresses maximize comfort and coziness while RV adventuring or small space dwelling.

Can Two Adults Comfortably Share a Full Mattress?

While two petite people or moderately sized adults can share a full mattress, certain factors determine if the squeeze is worth it:

Mattress Comfort and Support

A top priority is choosing an exceptionally comfortable mattress to counteract the snugness. Softer, plushier mattresses allow you to sink into the material versus floating atop firmer varieties. If upgrading mattresses, prioritize pressure relief and cushioning so you feel pampered versus wedged in tight.

Sleeping Style

Frequently disruptive sleepers will likely find a full mattress uncomfortably cramped for sharing overnight. If either partner tosses and turns, spreads out like a starfish or sleepwalks, sizing up makes sense for uninterrupted rest. For sound sleepers who don’t shift positions often or disrupt one another’s space, a full bed comfortably suits most couples.

Body Type

Petite or below average size couples take advantage of a full mattress’ compact surface area. However, larger, tall or plus size couples often feel smothered trying to share a mere 54 inches. If you don’t fit the thin or average size bill, the quarters likely prove overly close for comfort.

Level of Intimacy

Partners wanting occasional physical closeness appreciate a full mattress for facilitating cuddling in a minimal space. For those valuing personal room or prone to “close talker” anxiety, the cramped coziness likely overwhelms quicker. Prioritizing intimacy makes bed sharing more pleasant if space remains limited.

Signs It's Time to Size Up

Do any of the following sound familiar with your current mattress setup? If so, it might signal a full no longer comfortably cuts it for couples:

Lack of Sleep

Frequently interrupted sleep, tossing and turning all night or waking up exhausted hints that close quarters hamper a good night’s rest. While snuggling has its perks, actual sleep often requires a little breathing room.

Muscle Aches

Does your body feel stiff, sore or painful after a night snoozing too near your partner? Uncomfortable sleeping positions from crammed conditions often manifest as bothersome aches.

Lack of Sleep Space

Consistently teetering on the edge of the mattress due to limited wiggle room or fighting for covers signals unsuitably tight accommodations for two.

If you relate to any scenarios above, extending your 90 night trial to size up is worthwhile. Reach out to our team to start the returns process so you can try a more spacious mattress risk-free!

Shopping Full Size Mattresses at Mattress To Door

Love everything about your full mattress except the size? Mattress To Door makes sizing up affordable and convenient.

Our Selection

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90 Night Guarantee

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Key Takeaways on Sharing Full Size Mattresses

While full size mattresses split the difference between more confining twin and spacious queen options, they generally suit solo sleepers best. That said, mindful modifications in sleep style, intimacy expectations and mattress quality potentially makes bed sharing work. Pay attention for persistent sleep disruptions or body aches though. Oftentimes that signals quarters are indeed too close for comfort between couples. Test out a premium full mattress on your own frame during Mattress To Door's 90 day trial to see if upgraded comfort facilitates adequate room!

Final Thoughts

  • Can 2 grown adults physically fit and sleep on a wide full mattress? Yes, but space is intimate
  • Ideal size for single sleepers wanting room to stretch without wasted space
  • Fulls transition kids and teens from toddler beds to adult mattresses well
  • For couples, occasional closeness is nice but personal space remains limited
  • Optimize full mattress co-sleeping with mattress protectors, pillows, bedding enhancement from Mattress To Door
  • If sleep consistently suffers or body pains persist, consider sizing up

Unsure if a full mattress suits your individual or shared sleeping needs? The sleep specialists at Mattress To Door are here to help. Contact us and let’s create your ideal sleep sanctuary tailor made for restful nights!

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