Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers 2023

Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers 2023


A. Welcome to Mattress To Door Corp 

At Mattress To Door Corp, we believe that sleep is not just a necessity; it's an art, a crafted experience that should embrace your nights and revitalize your days. As a proudly Canadian company, we've embarked on a mission to redefine the way you sleep, one mattress at a time.

With over 20 years of experience crafting mattresses in Canada, our team of experts is devoted to providing you with the best mattress for stomach sleepers. We take pride in delivering customized comfort through quality craftsmanship and innovative designs.

In this article, we'll share everything you need to know as a stomach sleeper to find your ideal mattress in 2023. Let's start by understanding how your preferred sleep position impacts your mattress needs.

B. Overview of Article on the Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

This comprehensive guide will cover the following topics:

  • How sleeping on your stomach affects spinal alignment and pressure points
  • Choosing the right mattress firmness for stomach sleepers
  • The best mattress types for stomach sleepers like hybrid and latex
  • Other important considerations like responsiveness and edge support
  • Essential accessories like pillows to support proper neck alignment
  • FAQs to address your most pressing concerns as a stomach sleeper
  • Mattress recommendations from the Mattress To Door Corp product line

By the end, you'll have in-depth knowledge to confidently shop for the most comfortable and supportive mattress as a dedicated stomach sleeper.

How Sleeping on Your Stomach Affects Your Mattress Needs

How Sleeping on Your Stomach Affects Your Mattress Needs

Sleeping on your stomach puts unique demands on a mattress. The way your weight is distributed impacts support requirements. Let's explore how stomach sleeping affects spinal alignment and pressure points.

A. Spinal Alignment for Stomach Sleepers

Ideal spinal alignment is crucial for stomach sleepers. With your full body weight concentrated in your midsection, you require a mattress that gently supports the natural curvature of your spine.

When sleeping on your stomach, your lumbar region (lower back) becomes vulnerable to excessive arching without proper support. This misalignment of the spine is linked to back pain. The hips and pelvis may also dip too far into a soft mattress, straining the lower back.

A medium-firm mattress is usually recommended for stomach sleepers, offering just the right balance of contouring comfort while preventing the midsection from sinking in too deeply. This helps keep your spine neutrally aligned.

B. Common Pressure Points for Stomach Sleepers

As a stomach sleeper, pressure commonly builds up around the pelvis, ribs, and chest. The hips and shoulders also bear a significant portion of your body weight.

A mattress that cradles these regions while keeping the torso on top of the sleeping surface is optimal. This targeted pressure relief prevents discomfort at major contact points along the front of your body.

Hybrid and latex mattresses blend pressure-relieving comfort layers with firm support systems. This combination caters directly to the needs of stomach sleepers.

C. Recommending Changing Sleep Positions for Stomach Sleepers

While finding the right mattress is key, we recommend stomach sleepers also consider shifting to side or back sleeping when possible. Sleeping face-down may aggravate lower back strain over time, restrict breathing, and limit spinal mobility during the night.

Don't worry - changing sleep positions is achievable with consistency! The right pillow positioning plays a key role. We'll cover pillow recommendations later in this guide.

Choosing the Right Mattress Firmness for Stomach Sleepers

Choosing the Right Mattress Firmness for Stomach Sleepers

Mattress firmness preferences vary by sleep position. Let's explore what firmness level typically works best for stomach sleepers.

A. Best Mattress Firmness for Stomach Sleepers

With your body weight concentrated around your midsection rather than spread out, a medium-firm mattress is usually ideal for stomach sleeping. This prevents excess sinkage of the hips and pelvis.

Avoid ultrasoft mattresses, which lack the support and buoyancy needed for stomach and front sleepers. However, an extra-firm mattress may create uncomfortable pressure points around boney areas like your ribs, chest, and knees.

Mattress To Door Corp's Dream Catcher combines responsive latex and pocketed coils for that perfect balance of comfort and support that stomach sleepers require. Its medium-firm design prevents you from sinking in too deeply.

B. Avoiding Mattresses That Are Too Soft for Stomach Sleepers

Plush, soft mattresses allow the heavier parts of your body to sink in too deeply, throwing your spine out of alignment and straining your lower back. With your midsection sinking the most, you end up curved around the contours of an overly plush mattress.

As a stomach sleeper, give softer mattresses a test run to see if they provide enough support. Or opt for firmer comfort layers with softer pillow tops for pressure relief while maintaining spinal alignment. Our Plush Beauty Sleep mattress takes this blended approach.

In general, stick to the medium to medium-firm end of the firmness spectrum for the best stomach sleeping experience.

Best Types of Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

Best Types of Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

Now that we've covered ideal firmness, let's explore the pros and cons of different mattress types for stomach sleepers.

A. Best Hybrid Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

Hybrid mattresses combine individually wrapped coils with foam layers. This blend of support and cushioning makes a hybrid mattress excellently suited for stomach sleeping.

The pocketed coils reinforce the mattress perimeter, maximizing the sleep surface area. The thin foam comfort layers cushion pressure points while preventing your midsection from sinking in too far.

As a leading Canadian hybrid mattress manufacturer, Mattress To Door Corp's selection includes outstanding options like the Addison, Aegan, and Harmony Emerald Bay.

B. Best Latex Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

All-natural latex mattresses offer impressive buoyancy and instant responsiveness. This prevents your shoulders and hips from sinking too deeply into the mattress, helping maintain proper spinal alignment.

The aerated latex design also encourages airflow to regulate temperature - ideal if you tend to sleep hot. For a 100% organic latex option, try Mattress To Door Corp's Paradise mattress.

Keep in mind that softer latex mattresses may not offer enough support for dedicated stomach and front sleepers. Look for a medium to medium-firm latex mattress.

C. Best Innerspring Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

Traditional innerspring mattresses with coil support cores keep sleepers resting “on top” of the bed rather than sinking deeply into foams. The reinforced edges also maximize surface area.

Cushioning comfort layers are recommended for pressure relief if you choose an innerspring mattress. Our Dream Classic innerspring mattress is designed specifically for stomach and back sleepers.

D. Memory Foam Considerations for Stomach Sleepers

All-foam and memory foam mattresses often lack reinforcement around the perimeter compared to coils or latex. Some sleepers also find memory foam retains heat.

However, new advanced cooling technologies help regulate temperature. And firmer, dense memory foams provide enough buoyancy to prevent excessive sinkage for stomach and front sleepers.

Try Mattress To Door Corp's Memory Foam - The Cloud for responsive contouring support. As with any mattress, give your body time to adjust to the feel of memory foam.

Other Important Mattress Considerations for Stomach Sleepers

Beyond firmness and mattress type, a few additional factors impact comfort and support. Let's outline other key considerations for finding your ideal mattress as a stomach sleeper.

A. Mattress Responsiveness for Stomach Sleepers

Since stomach sleeping concentrates weight through your torso, a responsive mattress prevents you from feeling “stuck.” Instantly adapting to movements and changes in position, a responsive mattress makes it easy to switch between sleeping postures or get in and out of bed.

Innerspring, latex, and firmer hybrid mattresses offer exceptional responsiveness and mobility for restless stomach sleepers.

B. Mattress Edge Support for Stomach Sleepers

Reinforced edges allow you to sleep across the full width of the mattress without risk of roll-off. For stomach sleepers who like to spread out, strong edge support maximizes the usable sleep surface.

Our encased coil mattresses like the Royal Gold deliver outstanding edge support with firmer perimeter coils. Certain latex and dense foam mattresses also excel in this category.

C. Temperature Regulating Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

Since your face is pressed against the mattress, temperature regulation helps you avoid getting hot and sweaty during stomach sleeping. Breathable latex, cooling gels, and open coil designs allow enhanced airflow.

If you tend to sleep hot, Mattress To Door Corp's Cool Gel Memory Foam - Luna uses advanced temperature regulating materials to maintain a balanced sleep climate.

D. Mattress Height for Stomach Sleepers

Higher profile mattresses around 10” to 14” may feel most comfortable for some stomach sleepers. A thick mattress keeps your body gently elevated in a “floating” position rather than pressed firmly against a thinner sleeping surface.

That said, mattress preference is highly individual. Experiment with different heights and select the ideal thickness to alleviate pressure. Mattress To Door Corp offers a wide range of profiles.

This covers the key factors to consider when shopping for the best mattress as an exclusive stomach sleeper. Next, let's discuss accessories and mattress recommendations.

Important Accessories for Stomach Sleepers

Complement your new mattress with accessories designed for stomach sleepers. Let's review must-have items like supportive pillows.

A. Choosing the Best Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

Your pillow plays a crucial role in keeping your neck aligned as a stomach sleeper. A pillow that is too lofty will arch your neck backwards. Look for the following characteristics:

  • Low loft: Stomach sleepers generally need a slimmer pillow to prevent neck strain. Look for a loft of 3 inches or below.
  • Firm density: Soft, fluffy pillows allow your head to sink in too far. Choose a firmer, denser pillow fill like memory foam.
  • Modest width: Narrow and slim pillows take pressure off your neck. Our Jumbo Pillow Pack is ideal at 20 inches wide.

Mattress To Door Corp's Spinal Care contoured memory foam pillow is specially designed to accommodate stomach and back sleepers. The indented middle cradle design follows the natural curve of your neck and head.

For those who prefer adjustable loft, our Premium Swiss Memory Pillow allows you to alternate between plush down-alternative fibers and firmer memory foam. Enjoy customizable comfort!

Mattress To Door Corp Recommendations for Stomach Sleepers

Ready to find your ideal mattress for stomach sleeping? Here are our top recommendations from the Mattress To Door Corp selection:

A. Best Mattress To Door Corp Beds for Stomach Sleepers





Our 100% natural latex mattress offers pressure relief while preventing sinkage of heavier body parts. Excellent edge support maximizes sleep surface.

Starting at $799


This hybrid pairs responsive foam layers with over 1,000 pocket coils for cushioning and support.

Starting at $1,199

Dream Catcher

Combining latex and coils like the Addison, the Dream Catcher adds luxurious cooling and breathability.

Starting at $1,399

Our team especially recommends the Paradise for hot or restless stomach sleepers who prefer instant pressure relief and bounce. The Addison and Dream Catcher hybrids provide supreme comfort and support.

B. Explore Mattress To Door Corp's Full Range of Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

Browse our entire selection of mattresses designed to meet the needs of stomach sleepers. With advanced materials, innovative engineering, and hundreds of precision coils, each Mattress To Door Corp mattress delivers exceptional comfort and support.

Test, compare, and find your ideal model during our 90-night sleep trial. Experience the craftsmanship of a leading Canadian mattress manufacturer.

The Mattress To Door Corp Difference for Stomach Sleepers

At Mattress To Door Corp, we take pride in the sleep experience we deliver. Learn what sets us apart.

A. Mattress To Door Corp's Sleep Experience for Stomach Sleepers

We stand behind the quality and comfort of our mattresses with an industry-leading 90-night sleep trial. Experience your new mattress in the comfort of your own bedroom.

If you decide your Mattress To Door Corp mattress doesn't meet your needs as a stomach sleeper, contact our team to initiate a free return. We'll pick up the mattress from your home and issue a full refund.

B. Mattress To Door Corp's Price Promise for Stomach Sleepers

You'll enjoy straightforward, honest pricing from Mattress To Door Corp. Our prices remain consistent year-round. We never engage in gimmicks or bait-and-switch tactics.

By selling directly to you online and through our showrooms, we cut out costly middlemen markups. This transparency allows us to offer outstanding mattresses at exceptional value.

FAQs for Stomach Sleepers

Let's answer some frequently asked questions about finding the best mattress as an exclusive stomach sleeper:

What firmness is best for stomach sleepers?

Medium and medium-firm mattresses offer the right blend of comfort and support for most stomach sleepers. Avoid ultra-soft mattresses.

Which mattress type is best for stomach sleeping?

Hybrid and latex mattresses prevent excessive sinkage while cushioning pressure points. Memory foam and innerspring can also work well.

Will a new mattress improve my back pain from stomach sleeping?

An old, worn-out mattress can definitely aggravate pain. But even the right new mattress may not resolve all back issues from sleeping on your stomach long-term.

How do I transition from stomach sleeping to side or back positions?

Use a slim, supportive pillow and place it between your knees and under your lower back. Focus on keeping your spine aligned. It takes consistency!

What's the best mattress for combination stomach and side sleepers?

A medium mattress strikes an ideal balance to accommodate alternating between side and stomach sleeping. Add a plush topper if you desire more cushioning.

Still have questions? Our sleep specialists are always available to offer personalized guidance and recommendations.

Conclusion on the Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

We hope this guide offered a comprehensive overview of the factors stomach sleepers should consider when shopping for a new mattress in 2023.

Here's a quick summary of our key recommendations:

  • Choose a medium-firm mattress to gently support your midsection.
  • Consider latex or hybrid mattresses for cushioning and responsiveness.
  • Select a flatter, slimmer pillow for proper neck support.
  • Take advantage of Mattress To Door Corp's 90-night trial and price match promise.

Browse our full selection of mattresses and bedding accessories engineered for stomach sleepers. And remember - trying a new sleep position can take pressure off your back.

Contact our team with any questions. We're here to help you achieve restful, pain-free sleep. The ideal mattress for your needs awaits!

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