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Best Mattress for Back Pain Relief in 2024

Back pain is one of the most prevalent medical issues around, affecting millions of people every year. If you're one of the many suffering from back pain, getting a good night's sleep can seem like an impossible task. However, having the right mattress can provide much-needed relief and prevent your back pain from worsening.

When it comes to finding the best mattress for back pain, there are a few key factors you need to consider: your usual sleep position, mattress types, mattress firmness, and additional features that provide extra support. In this article, we'll guide you through everything you need to know to find your perfect pain-relieving mattress.

First and foremost, your preferred sleep position plays a major role in choosing a mattress. Back sleepers need a medium to medium-firm mattress that gently aligns the spine. Side sleepers do best with a slightly softer mattress that cushions pressure points at the shoulders and hips. And stomach sleepers require a firmer mattress to keep the abdomen from sinking in too deeply.

You'll also need to select the right mattress type for your needs. Memory foam mattresses excel at contouring closely to the body to alleviate tension. Hybrid mattresses combine the support of coils with the comfort of foam. Innerspring mattresses provide bounce and airflow. And natural latex mattresses offer responsive cushioning and pressure relief.

When it comes to firmness, a medium or medium-firm mattress is ideal for most people with back pain. But you may need a plusher or firmer option depending on your weight and sleep style.

And don't forget special features like zoned support, lumbar support, and plush toppers which can maximize comfort and spinal alignment.

As Canada's leading mattress and bedding retailer, Mattress To Door offers all the top brands and latest innovations when it comes to tackling back pain. With store locations across the country and sleep experts ready to guide you, you can find the perfect mattress solution for your needs.

We want you to wake up each morning pain-free and refreshed. Read on as we dive deeper into how to choose the ideal mattress to give you the gift of a comfortably supported spine and better sleep.

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Key Causes and Types of Back Pain      

Before we dive into mattress solutions, it helps to understand what causes back pain in the first place. There are a few major culprits:

  • Injury - Back strains and sprains from overexertion or accidents are common causes of acute back pain. Fractures, herniated discs, and pinched nerves can also stem from injury.
  • Arthritis - Conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and spinal stenosis break down spinal joints over time leading to chronic back pain.
  • Poor posture and ergonomics - Slouching, hunching over devices, and improper lifting put strain on the back.
  • Obesity - Excess weight taxes the spine and can trigger pain.
  • Diseases - Some conditions like cancer or kidney disease indirectly trigger back pain.

Now let's discuss the main types of back pain:

  • Lower back pain - The most common type, usually tied to muscle strain or spinal issues.
  • Upper back pain - Less prevalent than lower back pain, often caused by poor posture or arthritis.
  • Chronic back pain - Ongoing pain that lasts over 3 months, sometimes tied to an underlying condition.
  • Acute back pain - Newer onset of back pain that typically goes away within a few weeks or months.

No matter what's causing your back pain, having a supportive mattress is key for both prevention and relief. An unsupportive mattress that sags or lacks cushioning in the right areas can worsen pain from arthritis, injuries, or poor posture.

The right mattress helps keep your spine properly aligned, reduces pressure points, and lets sore muscles fully relax during sleep. Keep this in mind as we cover how to pick the ideal mattress for alleviating back pain.

Best Mattress Types for Back Pain

Your preferred sleep position is a major factor in choosing the right mattress for back pain. Let's examine the pros, cons, and ideal mattress characteristics for each position:

Back Sleepers

Pros: Sleeping on your back keeps the spine relatively neutral and aligned. This allows the discs to decompress and muscles to relax.

Cons: Extended back sleeping can increase pressure on the lumbar spine and neck over time.

For back sleepers with back pain, a medium to medium-firm mattress works best. This strikes the right balance between cushioning the spine while avoiding excessive sinking.

Look for mattresses with lumbar support through zoning or pillows to fill the gap in the lower back. Memory foam and latex do well at conforming to the contours of the back sleeper's body shape.

Side Sleepers

Pros: Sleeping on the side reduces pressure on the discs and distributes weight evenly. This can relieve some types of back pain.

Cons: Side sleeping also places more stress on the shoulders and hips which can cause misalignment.

Softer mattresses provide the most relief for side sleepers by cushioning the shoulders and hips. Memory foam and latex mattresses conform closely to cushion pressure points. Zoned support through the mattress center provides firmer reinforcement for the hips.

Stomach Sleepers

Pros: Sleeping face down helps maintain a neutral spine for some people. Stomach sleeping may relieve certain types of back pain.

Cons: Letting the abdomen sink too deeply twists the spine and strains the neck.

Stomach sleepers need a firm mattress to keep the midsection elevated. This prevents the hips from sagging which tenses the back. Innerspring or hybrid mattresses with reinforced edges provide optimal support.

No matter your preferred position, always test out a mattress by lying on it in your usual sleeping posture for at least 5-10 minutes. Pay attention to any tension buildup or pressure points. Finding a mattress tailored to your sleep style is key for keeping back pain at bay.

Best Mattress Types for Back Pain

When shopping for a mattress to ease back pain, consider these four main mattress types and their benefits:

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses range from $600 - $3000 CAD. They conform closely to the body to cushion pressure points and provide ergonomic spinal support. The hugging sensation also promotes relaxation of tight, sore muscles.

Pros: Excellent pressure relief, close contouring, wide range of firmness and pricing options.

Cons: Can retain heat, less bounce than other mattress types.

Some top memory foam mattress options from Mattress To Door include:

The Harmony Diamond Pillow Top from Beautyrest ($2099 CAD) is a premium memory foam and pocketed coil mattress. It has a plush pillow top for cushioning along with advanced cooling gels and foams.

The iComfort 4000 from Serta ($2899 CAD) uses WaveColdTM technology with cooling gels and heat dissipating foam. It offers personalized spinal support through its memory foam layers.

The budget-friendly Sweet Sleep from Mattress To Door ($249 CAD) uses high density memory foam to gently contour the body. It's great for pressure point relief.

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses range from $600 - $2000 CAD. They combine springs and foam to provide a balance of comfort and support.

Pros: Bounce from coils and pressure relief from foam. Strong edge support.

Cons: More expensive than foam or springs alone. Motion transfer can be higher.

Here are some stellar hybrid mattress choices from Mattress To Door:

The Spine Comfort by Mattress To Door ($579 CAD) pairs wrapped coils with a gel memory foam pillow top for cooling comfort. It reinforces the center third for lumbar support.

The Emperor Dream from Mattress To Door ($579 CAD) has individually pocketed coils and breathable foams. Reinforced edges prevent sagging and maximize surface space.

Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses range from $250 - $1000 CAD. Their coil system gives lift, breathability, and edge support. This prevents sinking and misalignment.

Pros: Bouncy, breathable and durable construction. Affordable pricing available.

Cons: Less contouring and pressure relief than memory foam or latex. More motion transfer.

Try these great innerspring options from Mattress To Door:

The reversible Back Support Orthopaedic from Mattress To Door ($699 CAD) has firm springs on one side and cushioning foam on the other. Great for adjustable firmness.

The Perfect Sleeper from Serta ($749 CAD) pairs an encased coil system with high density foam for a firm yet cushioned feel. The reinforced perimeter prevents sagging.

Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses range from $1200 - $2500 CAD. Natural latex contours while providing bounce and cooling airflow.

Pros: Responsive contouring, pressure relief, breathability, eco-friendly options.

Cons: Expensive compared to other mattress types. Unique feel not for everyone.

Here are some latex mattress picks from Mattress To Door:

The Spring Free Silver Bamboo from Mattress To Door ($359 CAD) features a breathable bamboo cover over buoyant latex foam layers. It stays cool and resists allergens.

An arm resting on a mattress designed for pain relief.

Mattress Firmness Level for Back Pain

When it comes to mattress firmness, medium to medium-firm models are generally the best options for back pain. This provides a balance of comfort and support for optimal spinal alignment.

Medium firmness contours just enough to cushion the body and relieve pressure points. But it still gives enough reinforcement to keep you lifted and properly supported. This helps reduce stress on the discs, muscles, and surrounding structures.

However, lighter individuals and strict side sleepers may need a softer mattress to allow more sinking around the shoulders and hips. While more petite folks and stomach sleepers often do better with a firm mattress that keeps the midsection propped up.

Always test out the firmness by lying on the mattress in your typical sleeping position for at least 5-10 minutes. Pay attention to any sagging around the lower back or excessive pressure on the hips and shoulders. Finding the right firmness is key, but comfort layers and support components also play a role in combating back pain.

Additional Mattress Features for Back Pain

Along with proper firmness, optimized comfort layers and targeted support features can further enhance pain and pressure relief.

Memory foam toppers are an affordable way to make a mattress feel more plush and conforming if needed. Firmer latex toppers can provide additional reinforcement.

Many newer mattresses also have zoned support with reinforced lumbar areas and softer cradling around the shoulders. Targeted gel, latex, or microcoil layers provide focused pressure relief where you need it most.

Mattresses like the Serta iComfort or Beautyrest Harmony use specialized lumbar support elements in the center third of the mattress for lighter-weight back sleepers who need extra reinforcement in this area.

And eco-conscious shoppers may appreciate mattresses made with natural and organic materials like latex, wool, and plant-based foams which allow better airflow while dampening pressure points.

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Choosing the Right Mattress for You

When selecting a mattress optimized for back pain, keep these key factors in mind:

  • Your regular sleep position
  • Preferred mattress type and firmness
  • Any pressure points that need targeted relief
  • Options for customization like toppers

Visit a Mattress To Door showroom to experience our full range of mattress models first-hand. Our knowledgeable Sleep Experts can provide personalized recommendations based on your needs and preferences.

All Mattress To Door mattresses come with 10-year warranties plus hassle-free returns if you decide the mattress isn’t right. We’re dedicated to helping you wake up free of back pain and ready to take on the day.

FAQ section about best mattress for back pain

Q: What are the best mattresses for back pain relief in 2024?

A: Some of the best mattresses for back pain relief in 2024 include memory foam mattresses like the Harmony Diamond Pillow Top and iComfort 4000, hybrid mattresses like the Spine Comfort and Emperor Dream, latex mattresses like the Spring Free Silver Bamboo, and innerspring mattresses like the Back Support Orthopaedic and Perfect Sleeper.

Q: How do foam mattresses help with back pain?

A: Memory foam mattresses excel at contouring closely to the body to provide ergonomic support for the spine and alleviate tension. The hugging sensation also promotes relaxation of tight, sore back muscles.

Q: What type of mattress is best for back pain?

A: There are four main mattress types that can help relieve back pain: memory foam contours closely, hybrid combines springs and foam for balance, innerspring provides lift and support, and natural latex offers cushioning.

Q: Are there mattresses specifically designed for upper and lower back pain?

A: Many mattresses are specifically optimized for lower back pain, which is most common. Certain models have zoned support with reinforced lumbar areas for lower back and softer cradling for upper back.

Q: What is the best cooling mattress for back pain relief?

A: Mattresses like the iComfort 4000 use special cooling gels and heat dissipating foams. The Spine Comfort has a cooling copper gel-infused pillow top. Latex and hybrids also sleep cooler.

Q: Can an organic mattress help with back pain?

A: Yes, organic mattresses like the Spring Free Silver Bamboo with its latex construction allow more airflow while providing pressure relief to ease back pain.

Q: What are the causes of back pain?

A: Common causes covered in the article include injury, arthritis, poor posture/ergonomics, obesity, and diseases. An unsupportive mattress can also worsen existing back pain.

Q: Is a firm mattress better for back pain?

A: The article notes medium to medium-firm mattresses are best for most people with back pain. But firm models can benefit petite people and stomach sleepers.

Q: Can a memory foam mattress help side sleepers with back pain?

A: Yes, memory foam conforms closely to cushion the shoulders and hips of side sleepers to alleviate pressure points that can contribute to back pain.

Q: What are the best mattresses for people with back pain?

A: The top mattresses listed for back pain relief include the Beautyrest Harmony Diamond, Serta Perfect Sleeper, Mattress To Door Spine Comfort, and Mattress To Door Spring Free Silver Bamboo.


Finding the right mattress is essential for managing and preventing back pain. To recap, here are the key takeaways:

  • Test mattresses in your usual sleep position to assess comfort and support
  • Choose a mattress type that fits your needs - memory foam, hybrid, latex or innerspring
  • Medium to medium-firm mattresses work best for most back pain sufferers
  • Consider targeted features like zoned lumbar support and pressure relief
  • Don't forget customization options like mattress toppers

Mattress To Door makes it easy to find your perfect match with our wide selection of top mattress brands and models. Visit any of our showroom locations across Canada to experience our mattresses first-hand:




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Our knowledgeable Sleep Experts will help identify the right mattress for your body type, sleep style, and preferences. At Mattress To Door, your comfort and health is our top priority. Investing in the right mattress is one of the best things you can do to wake up feeling refreshed and pain-free. We're here to guide you every step of the way.
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