4 holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list

4 holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list

The festive season is finally here! As you make your gift list and check it twice, finding unique presents for each person can be challenging. But have no fear - Mattress to Door Corp has you covered with cozy sleep essentials that will delight everyone on your list.

In this article, we'll explore four holiday gift ideas from our collection that provide comfort along with convenience:

  1. Customizable pillows - Adjust foam fill to suit different sleep positions
  2. Mattress protectors - Shield beds from spills, stains and allergens
  3. Cozy printed comforter sets - Create a welcoming bedroom aesthetic
  4. Flannel sheet sets - Keep gift recipients warm on cold winter nights

These useful gifts will surprise your holiday list with thoughtful sleep solutions they can enjoy long after the season ends.

Give the gift of comfort with our customizable pillows

Finding the right pillow loft and firmness can be difficult. But our innovative customizable pillows take the guesswork out of achieving individualized comfort.

We crafted these pillows with shredded memory foam fill that you can add or remove until the support feels perfect. Whether your gift recipient is a side, back or stomach sleeper, they can personalize the pillow by altering the foam quantity to suit their sleep position.

The flexibility empowers people to create their ideal pillow for unparalleled comfort night after night. Plus, the soft memory foam conforms closely to cushion the head and neck just right.

Key benefits of our customizable pillows:

* Adjust foam fill for personalized loft

* Cradles neck and head

* Works for all sleep positions

* Soft, flexible memory foam fill

Surprise someone special this season with the gift of custom comfort they’ll appreciate year-round. Empower your loved ones to tailor their perfect level of cushioning and height by gifting one of our innovative customizable pillows this holiday season.

Guard your mattress investment with waterproof protectors


Spills happen, especially when holiday parties bring lots of cheer and full glasses too close to the bed. But our waterproof mattress protectors safeguard mattresses against unwanted moisture and stains.

Mattresses represent a significant financial investment for most households. But without a protector, spills, sweat and other accidents can easily damage the mattress - shortening its usable lifespan. Our waterproof protectors act as an impenetrable shield to preserve the mattress.

The thin, breathable design of our protectors allows for plenty of airflow. So you don’t have to worry about getting hot or uncomfortable underneath. And the discreet style blends nicely with sheet sets, unlike bulky plastic covers.

Benefits of our mattress protectors:

Shields against spills & stains

Blocks dust mites & allergens

Thin for breathability

Helps mattress last longer

Noiseless waterproof barrier

Easy to launder

Give your friends and family our waterproof mattress protector this year to help extend the lifespan of their valuable mattress investment.

Surround loved ones with cozy printed comfort


Bring sumptuous style and warmth to any bedroom in your life by gifting our selection of printed comforter sets this holiday season. Available in vibrant colors and graphic prints, a new comforter quickly elevates the look of any space.

We construct the lightweight comforters from smooth microfiber or soft, breathable cotton. The plush fill creates just the right amount of loft without becoming too hot. Complete the inviting ensemble by adding the matching shams included in each set.

Machine-washable construction allows for easy cleaning too.

Benefits of our printed comforter sets

  • Vibrant colors & stylish prints
  • Soft, breathable materials
  • Machine washable
  • Includes comforter & shams
  • Plush without excessive warmth

Surprise your loved ones by helping create a more welcoming, rejuvenating sleep sanctuary with the gift of a vibrant printed comforter set this festive season.

Warm up chilly nights with soft flannel sheets


As temperatures drop outside, give your loved ones the gift of pure coziness inside with our flannel sheet sets. Nothing beats slipping between deliciously smooth 100% cotton flannel sheets on a cold winter night.

We construct the sheet sets from lightweight 5.5 oz cotton flannel. The fabric retains plenty of breathability despite the brushed flannel finish. Natural fibers also help moisture evaporate for superior temperature regulation compared to synthetic sheets.

Each set includes:

  • Fitted sheet
  • Flat sheet
  • Two pillowcases

Easy laundering makes maintaining their softness simple too.

Surprise everyone on your gift list this holiday season with the present of pure cozy comfort night after night. Our flannel sheet sets become beloved bedding staples for the whole family to enjoy as cold weather sets in.


The hustle and bustle of the holidays often leaves little time for rest. But everyone deserves to relax into comfort at the end of each chaotic day.

Mattress to Door Corp’s selection of pillows, mattress protectors, comforters and flannel sheets help create a sanctuary-like sleep space. Surprise all the special people in your world this season with unique gifts to enhance their nights.

As a proudly Canadian company since 2019, we understand harsh winters more than anyone! Our products provide superior comfort you can rely on when temperatures drop outside.

Spread meaningful comfort and cheer to everyone on your gift list this year with cozy sleep essentials from Mattress to Door Corp. Contact us anytime at (647)-530-9100 with questions about sizing, customization or home delivery.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mattress to Door Corp offers great holiday gifts like pillows, mattress protectors, comforter sets and flannel sheets.
  • Customizable pillows can be adjusted for individual comfort
  • Waterproof mattress protectors prevent stains and allergens
  • Stylish printed comforter sets create cozy spaces
  • Soft flannel sheet sets provide luxurious warmth

Surprise everyone this holiday season with tailored comfort from Mattress to Door Corp! Our collection of customizable pillows, mattress protectors, stylish comforters and ultra-soft flannel sheets make perfect gifts. Visit our showroom in Mississauga or call (647)-530-9100 with any questions.

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